Publishing Products

After creating your store, the next step would be to add products to it. The process is pretty straightforward and easy to follow, but if you'd like to know more about the choices you make, use this guide as reference.


Product Type

We support different types of digital products, currently code products and software with more coming soon - including eBooks, design assets and audio.

Choosing a product type determine what licensing options your product has. Source-code products have distribution related restrictions for the license holder, while software products have end-user options, such as number of devices and users allowed with each license. Read more below for extensive information on licensing.


Licenses and Pricing

You can create multiple licensing and pricing options for each product, to appeal to different profiles of potential customers. If you are unsure about how to price your product, you can find pricing tips on our blog here.

When initially creating licensing for your product, you will be presented with a quick start form that will create a complete licensing structure for you. If you'd like to create each license manually, you can skip it by clicking on the "Create a license manually" button below.

License Generator

We provide a license generator to help you get started. The licenses created by our generated have been approved by our IP attorney, however we do not provide legal advice or services, and we recommend you vet your licenses with your own legal counsel.

Source Code

For source code products, you can pick which type of redistribution is allowed by license holders.

Open-Source distribution allows you to pick any open-source licensing flavor you support for your product.

Hosted distribution allows license holders to host your code on their servers to run their websites and web services.

Binary distribution allows license holders to distribute compiled applications using your product. This applies to both desktop and mobile applications.

The Developer option allows sublicensing the product as part of a greater work. That means that license holders can integrate your product in their work, and then distribute it separately. They cannot distribute your product as is.


As for software products, you can choose an open source license and/or an end-user license agreement (EULA).

The main options to consider when creating a EULA with our generator is the number of devices / users allowed per license and license term - which can be perpetual, recurring or a limited trial.

For software products, you can attach your own license if you already have it by pasting it in the "Custom License Text" box at the bottom. The selections you make will still affect the license summary shown to customers, so pick the options that match your license terms.


Product Files

Product files should be provided as .zip archive packages. You can add and support multiple versions of your product, and attach multiple versions to each license you create, giving you flexibility in how you provide product deliverables.

When adding a new version, you can detail the release notes which would appear in the download listing available to the client. You can also choose to notify existing clients of the new version, which you should do for major releases and important bug fixes.

Notifying clients of new releases is also a good way to encourage them to upgrade to the higher tiers of your product.


Product Profile

Editing the product's content is mostly done directly on the product page. When creating a product, you can add a logo and a short text summary in the "Profile" tab of the product management interface. The summary is the block of text that appears just below the product name on the product page, and should succintly describe your product in 1 or 2 sentences.

You can edit the product's content by clicking on "Edit product content" from your product management interface, or by visiting the product page and clicking on the "Edit" button on the top of the screen. Once in edit mode, you can edit any parts of the content by clicking on it. You can new blocks of content, move blocks around and remove content blocks.

Quote Requests

If you activate the "Quote Requests" option, clients would be able to request a quote for custom services directly from the product page. This is a great way to capture potential clients who might need a custom version of your product.



The "Distribution" tab provides you with some additional option related to the distribution of your product.

Marketplace Listing

The Binpress Marketplace is a curated discovery service for digital products (currently supporting only code products, with more coming soon). To list your product on the Binpress marketplace, it needs to meet certain criteria. Please review our publishing guidelines before submitting your product for listing on our marketplace.

Digital Fulfillment Service

You can also use our checkout flow on your existing sites. Use the provided links on your site to send your visitors directly into the checkout flow. 

Customers using our checkout flow will have access to a private area where they can log in to download products, receive technical support and manage their licenses.