Conference Core iOS for HTML5 PhoneGap

Conference Core iOS for HTML5 PhoneGap

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

Great starting point when your client needs an event / conference app for iOS devices using the PhoneGap framework. Provides event goers with a schedule, speaker list, maps and more by loading a pre-populated database.


navigation system

Created 4 years ago, last activity 4 years ago
TC Tom Crowe License holderConference Core iOS for HTML5 PhoneGap Purchased on Nov 4, 2013 4 years ago

Hi I have a question relating to the menu/navigation system I have managed to change colours etc on the main page and change the buttons.

where are they located for the other pages such as exhibitors etc when I click on this I get the default white background and containers I wpould like to be able to place an image in their place and change the colours and back ground etc,

but I am unsure where in the ccs they live and can you help please

Kind Regards


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  • P. Sacchitella 4 years ago
    Hi Tom and thank you for buying Conference Core. There are a couple of different ways you can change the list views. You can use the jQuery Theme Roller to create a custom look to the jQuery UI. Or you can find the javascript loops that populate the lists and change the class of the li elements or the ul elements. As an example the spk_SpeakerList.html file has the following code htmlOut += '<li>'; htmlOut += '<a href="spk_Detail.html" onclick=setGlobalSpkId(' + spkrId +')>'; htmlOut += '<h3>' + spkName + '</h3>'; htmlOut += '<p>' + spkOrg + '</p>'; htmlOut += '</a></li>'; You could add a class value to: htmlOut += '<li class="myCoolClass">'; then add a definition to your css class. Hope this is what you are looking for, if you have any other questions please let me know. Phil
  • TC Tom Crowe 4 years ago
    Hello Phil, Thanks for your reply greatly appreciated, I have a more generic question, It is possible to make the app multi conference, so for example a customer has more than one show a year and they just want to keep updating the app year round with information, so they can connect with customer etc. I am not sure if any of this makes sense. basically I am trying to win some business from genie connect they have what seems to be a good service but I have a potential customer who will be willing to look at our solution.. I greatly appreciate any help and advice you can provide. I would like to say that I am happy with the code I purchased. All the best Tom Crowe
  • P. Sacchitella 4 years ago
    Hi Tom, Actually the system could work quite easily for multiple conferences. You can drive the entire interface from the database if you need too, or from the localization XML or plist file (which is faster). I will post the changes you need to make to utilize those features later today. It is a fairly simple switch to have the code pull titles and other information from the localization resource file. Than all you would need to do is alter the plist or resources xml file and the database of course, then publish the new app. Just a reminder your license is only for publishing one app. The unlimited license would allow you to publish and modify the app as you wish (just not republish to binpress :) ). The native versions I am working on will have a more flexible and cleaner interface in the modification of individual apps, but it will be several weeks (maybe months) before I can publish those. I will be back this evening eastern US time with the code changes to do what you want. Cheers Phil
  • TC Tom Crowe 4 years ago
    Hi Phil, Thanks for the quick response, I look forward to receiving the changes. I do realise that I have bought a single user licence. I bought the IOS and Android 1 of each. I will be buying multi license once I am sure that it will fit my requirements. what I am trying to do to give you a bit more information is below. Mobile Multi-Event Apps for year round engagement Whether you have a portfolio of events that you want to deliver in a single Mobile Event App, or individually branded apps, there is a solution for you to ensure your Event App delivers value once your physical event has finished. Our Multi Event Apps, the first in the market, are perfect for associations looking to engage their membership year-round, conference organizers servicing business verticals and exhibition organizers running a series of industry events. And if you want your event to have an app in it's own name, then it needn't go quiet once the event is finished... our unique layout controls mean that your mobile app can become a magazine style news app to stay fresh throughout the event cycle, before switching back to a full function Event App when the time comes. Thanks again Phil I appreciate your help and assistance. Kind Regards Tom
  • P. Sacchitella 4 years ago
    Hi Tom, My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I had to run some tests to be certain I had left this functionality in the app. Basically you need to populate the Localizable.strings files on the iOS version and the string.xml file in Android with the titles and things you want to be able to change for each app. This is explained in the instructions Figures 9 through 11. If you have any questions or requests for other features you don't want to discuss in a public forum you can contact me through my web site contact page. Thank you again for your patience. Cheers Phil

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