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Why should you join Binpress?

We help developers build profitable businesses around open-source code and businesses build better software with less time and cost. You should join us because:

  • Our goal makes sense to you, and you think commercial open-source could be the future of software development.
  • You want to work in a small and tight-knit operation, doing work that has impact.
  • You like to have input on things beyond your core expertise.
  • You like to get things done.
  • Competitive salary with an option for significant equity depending on experience and responsibilites.

Team members

  • Adam Benayoun Adam Benayoun CEO
  • Eran Galperin Eran Galperin CTO
  • Tomas Jerabek Tomas Jerabek UI/UX Designer
  • Mimi Zheng Mimi Zheng Marketing Associate
  • Alexis Santos Alexis Santos Content Marketer
  • Noam Zohar Noam Zohar Marketing Intern


  • Warren Adelman, Jeff Hammerbacher, Elaine Wherry, Patrick Mckenzie, Prashant Malik, ChinaRock Capital, Steven Trieu, Eric Kwan, Luke Shepard, Jun Li, Armando Pauker
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Sounds interesting? See if any of the positions below matches your skill set:

Head of growth

We are looking for a creative thinker who is experienced with all online marketing channels, including paid acquisition, search marketing, social and online communities, and Email marketing, and has a knack for using unconventional methods to acquire customers (i.e, growth hacking).

Ideally you are intimately familiar with the software development process and with marketing developer tools. Responsibilities include:

  • Outlining and executing immediate and long-term marketing plans.
  • Breaking down marketing plans into action items and being accountable for getting it done.
  • Analyzing marketing performance and constantly adjusting strategy.
  • Coming up with creative ideas for impact growth through unconventional methods.
  • Helping us build our marketing team.


  • At least 3 years proven experience with customer acquisition and growth.
  • Experience with marketing performance testing and analysis.
  • Experience in leading and growing a marketing team.
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Developer Evangelist

We are looking for an outgoing developer to evangelize Binpress to our target audience - other developers and software companies. As our developer evangelist you will:

  • Attend developer oriented conferences as a Binpress representative, occasionally as a speaker.
  • Help us create interesting and relevant technical content (blog posts, podcasts, hangouts).
  • Organize live events such as hackathons and meetups either local or remotely.
  • Mingle with online communities where our audience hangs out.


  • Significant experience as a professional software developer.
  • You love to network and are comfortable with public speaking.
  • Being friendly and outgoing - both online and in person.
  • Holds strong views on software development and interested to put it in writing.
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Content Marketer

Content is the backbone of any modern marketing effort. We're looking for someone with strong content creation and curation skills as well as a proven background with promoting it. As our content marketer you will:

  • Build a content strategy for Binpress to help us achieve our goals.
  • Create and curate new interesting and relevant content for Binpress - as blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts and any medium you think would be relevant.
  • Make use of the existing team to help you with content creation.
  • Recruit and manage content creators to help you create the content you want to publish.
  • Develop, research and execute action plans for promoting the content you create.


  • A proven background with creating quality content that people like.
  • Strong writing / editorial skills.
  • Previous experience managing content teams.
  • Online examples of successful content you've created / managed.
  • Understanding of the software development process.
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Junior Marketer

We are looking for a multi-tasking hustler who learns fast and executes faster. Basic familiarity with online marketing channels is expected, with the passion to learn more and become a full-stack marketer. Responsibilities include:

  • Perform developer outreach - from our current sources, while constantly finding new ones.
  • Engaging our target audience on various online communities.
  • Executing our day-to-day marketing tasks with the rest of team.


  • Basic experience with one or more online marketing channels (SEO, PPC, Email marketing, content creation, outreach).
  • Located in the Bay Area (this is an on-site position only).
  • Getting stuff done.
  • Understanding of the software development process is a plus (what developers do, names of technologies, etc).
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