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Generate a complete software license that fits your business needs.

How it works

  • Adjust the options below to fit your business needs.
  • Once you hit "Generate License" at the bottom, you will be given a unique address to your generated license.
  • If you leave an Email address and name, you can edit your license at any time (optional).
  • To learn more about licensing options, visit our handy licensing guide.

This license generator is provided by Binpress - the marketplace for open-source projects.

What is Binpress?

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Software license details

  1. Distribution type: (?)

    Do you want to allow licensee to distribute your software to others?

  2. Derivative works (?)

    Do you want to allow licensee to modify the source code and build works based on it?

  3. Commercial use (?)

    Do you want to allow licensee to make commercial use of your software?

  4. Attribution (?)

    Do you want your software to be attributed back to you?

More options

More Options

  1. Assignable (?)

    Do you want to allow licensees to assign (sell) their license to others?

  2. Service and support (?)

    Do you intend to provide service and support for your software?

    If you intend to provide support and maintenance for your software, please enter your service-level agreement (SLA)

  3. Trademarks (?)

    Do you want to license your software's trademarks as well?

  4. Patents (?)

    Do you want to license your software's patents as well?

  5. Trade secrets (?)

    Does your software contain any trade secrets that you want to protect under a confidentiality clause?

  6. Additional terms (?)

    Please specify any additional terms you want to include in the license

    For example, "Do not use this software while harming animals"

  7. Other licenses (?)

    Please specify other licenses that are included in your software, if any

    For example, "jQuery 1.7.1 is under the MIT license"

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