October 26 - November 26

Mobile Contest

Contest judges

Our judges hail from the entire spectrum of mobile development and are located around the globe.

  • Oliver Drobnik Oliver Drobnik

    Oliver Drobnik is a professional iOS developer and the man behind the Cocoanetics.com blog where he publishes tutorials and commentary about developing on the iOS platform. He's been selling iOS software components for 2 years now, DTRichTextEdtiorView and NSAttributedString+HTML being the best known works of his. As a contractor he recently contributed the rich text rendering engine to the Float Reader app. He leads a small team of developers continuing development on the iCatalog.framework, a digital catalog solution.

  • Brian LeRoux Brian LeRoux

    Brian LeRoux is the lead at Nitobi Software with the prestigious title SPACELORD!1!! He also has the dubious distinction of being the creator of wtfjs.com despite a twisted love for the language of the web. To make matters worse he actually has a non-breaking space tattoo. Aside all these ridiculous distractions he is also responsible for leading the direction on the wildly popular PhoneGap software project that has the audacious goal to provide a web platform complete with device APIs for all smartphone operating systems.

  • Matthias Kappler Matthias Kappler

    Matthias is an Android and API engineer at Qype, Europe's largest community portal for local reviews, and he created or maintains the Android open source projects Signpost, Droid-Fu, and Calculon.

    He is also one of the authors of Android in Practice, a recipe book for professional Android application development.

  • Yaron Karasik Yaron Karasik

    Yaron is an iOS and web developer that loves building awesome products with great UI. He works with entrepreneurs and startups to help them bring their ideas to life by building scaleable solutions with a heavy emphasis on product design and user interface. He also develops iOS apps and games under his own brand.

  • Yosi Taguri Yosi Taguri

    Yosi Taguri has been a developer since the age of 11 when computers had 8 bits and less than 64k of memory. He has a hobby of making people look a bit silly using apps and extremely enjoys the art of talking to people. On the serious side he has a vast experience in building large scale solutions on different platforms and working with early stage companies to realize what can be done with cutting edge technologies. In the past 2 years he made the ios and android platforms his new passions.