Our commission rate

We take 30% commission on top of every sale made in Binpress and require no exclusivity. We selected the 30% baseline for the following reasons:

Services we provide

  • Binpress is a discovery service. We try to attract a large crowd of relevant and targeted visitors. For this purpose, we invest in marketing, PPC and SEO campaigns as well as create cross promotions with relevant companies and organizations (such as the Binpress programming contest).
  • Your components are given a marketable landing page and a streamlined browsing and shopping experience built by UI and UX experts. We measure conversions and improve the experience constantly.
  • We provide a stamp of approval for all published components, making it easier for buyers to make a buying decision. We inspect each component manually and provide suggestions to improve the component profile. Later we will produce a seller ranking based on buyer feedback, similar to the Amazon seller ranking, that will provide additional certification of your skills and quality of code.
  • We handle all the transactions and legal fees, including charge-backs and money-back guarantee.

Competitive positioning

We set our commission competitvely against our competition and similar services. Examples:

  • Codecanyon, our closest competitor, has commission rates between 30%-50% for exclusive sellers. Non-exclusive sellers are deducted 67% commission. We don't charge extra for exclusivity.
  • The apple appstore charges a similar baseline 30% commission.

Selling digital goods

As opposed to physical goods, digital goods have no additional production cost for each item sold. Once you publish on Binpress you can sell many times with no added costs - any profit you make on our platform is additional passive revenue. You can still sell your source-code packages on your site and on other marketplaces to increase your profits - any sales you make on our service will be additional revenue on top of that. You lose nothing by selling it on Binpress and have a lot to gain.