Additional information on code licenses

Binpress Licensing Overview

  • All licenses are perpetual - they do not expire.
  • Extent - the extent of the license, in terms of how many sites / servers, applications or projects it can be used for.
  • Distribution permissions are covered - a license can either hosted only (no code distribution), allow distribution in binary form only (applications) or allow distribution of both code and binaries. If you are the license holder and are building for a 3rd party (your client), you need to be able to distribute the code (typically we call this a developer or distributor license).
  • Commercial use is either allowed royalty free, under specific conditions or not allowed at all.
  • Source-code modifications (derivative works) - if you intend to perform changes on the source-code, make sure that the license allows it. The license can optionally allow you to resell those modifications as part of a larger work (redistribute derivative works). Note that this last option is only available for sublicensable licenses (covered above).
  • Support - Included support will be mentioned if provided. Note that the developer may still choose to provide support for issues even if he is not legally bound to do so.
  • Attribution - If the developer requires attribution whenever the component is used, it will be detailed here.

Those cover the most important points in the license. Make sure to read the entire license to understand your rights and restrictions for using the software. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us at