Privacy Policy

Last revised on October 26, 2014

We at Binpress Inc. value your privacy and understand that some users may not wish for their personal information to be spread across the world, and therefore have set up this Privacy Policy. We also have opened a dedicated account for complaints relating to privacy, which is where you can contact us and ask more questions.

In general, please note the following:

  • We will never provide your personal email, financial information or information regarding your IP or browsing preferences to anyone.

  • We will not provide anyone with the personal information you provided us, apart from when it is required to complete a transaction or under legal warrants or judgments.

  • You can change and remove any information stored with us at any time.

What Information is Retained?

Consensual Information

When you register or set up shop at our website, we may retain the following information: your full name, email, password (which is stored in encrypted form), and any other information which you may, but not must, provide us, such as age, business location, address, affiliation, the name of your business, your avatar or logo, your website's URL, information about yourself, additional links to your identities at other sites, your timezone and date format. We also retain the information regarding your PayPal or Bank Account.

We may also collect the same information about your Shop’s end-users, when they use the service.

Browsing Habits & Cookies

We also retain the following information regarding your browsing preferences and habits: your IP address and standard web information (such as HTTP referer), screen resolution, number of page views, page views, or browser user-agent.

When browsing our site, and in order to provide you with better service, we also store a cookie on your computer which may identify the browser you are browsing from and maintain your sign-in status.

We also allow some 3rd parties to store cookies on your computer, in order to provide you with better services and to allow us to retarget you when you visit other sites, and show you relevant advertisements there.


We also allow a 3rd party service named Maxmind to store cookies on your computer, in order to track fraud behavior. You cannot opt-out of maxmind and by using our website you agree to their term of services and their privacy policy.

We use Google Analytics, which retains information and has its own privacy policies, and you should also keep that in mind.

You can opt-out of 3rd party retargeting by visiting your >Ads Settings.

We also store information regarding your (and your end-users’) transactions in the site, including the amount of purchases, your recent transactions or other information relating to the transactions, and may store your interaction with other users.

Who has access to Your Information?


We have access to the information you entered (apart from your credit card and password) and may use it to provide you with better services. Apart from what is stated in this privacy policy, we do not provide 3rd parties with any information regarding you, your identity or any other information. We may publish aggregated data relating to the use of the service in order to promote our business.

Third Parties

We comply with all reasonable and legal requests from law authorities, and shall provide them with any information we are obliged to under law. If we comply with any requests at a certain calendar quarter, we will provide our end-users with a transparency report.

We also provide users the ability to see information users entered in their own profiles, and such users may view all the information you provided us as public information.

We also use may use 3rd party services, such as retargeting services, and affiliates and fraud detection systems which we grant access to some private information under confidentiality agreements and solely for the purpose of their services (for example, our affiliates may only receive information regarding the amount purchased and the number of purchases, but not to your identity).

Our retargeting services may use the information in order to identify you as a Binpress user when you visit 3rd party sites.

Users You Purchase From.

If you perform a transaction through Binpress, then the user you purchased from may receive some of your information in order to provide you with a license and in order to contact you from time to time in relation to your use of the software.

How can you find out what information is stored?

You can always find out what information we store about you in your profile page and/or by sending us an email to

How can you change/remove the information we store?

You can correct or change any errors in the information we retain either by contacting use by entering the information in your profile page or via email at

How do we secure the information?

We use industry standards for securing our servers and apply best efforts to maintain them safe. Moreover, and use only SSL when submitting sensitive information to our site, meaning that no one could copy the information you submit to the server. We also do not retain credit card information, but use them only for clearing through third party services. We require our employees and contractors to undergo privacy instructions and security checks and we do not store your passwords but only an irreversible hash. Please note that while we take best efforts to secure your information, due to the nature of the internet we cannot guarantee that the information will be 100% secure, accurate and we provide no warranty to the secrecy of your information.

Can Binpress contact me with promotional offers?

While we are intolerant of spam, we will send you, from time to time, news regarding our website and upcoming projects if you allow us to do so. You may opt-out of this service at any time by clicking here.

What do you do in case you feel your privacy was breached?

If you believe or feel your privacy was breached, don't hesitate to contact us at and we will investigate the matter and let you know as soon as possible what we found.

Amending this Policy

Please note that we may change or amend this policy from time to time, and that we will notify about any change or amendment in our website.