Guidelines for publishing components

In order to have your component published, there are several requirements that must be met. Please review the following guidelines before submitting for review:

Minimum requirements for publishing a component

  • Providing all the necessary basic details in the component creation form
  • Uploading a source code package
  • Adding summary and description to the component profile
  • Adding a pricing option

Criteria for approval

  1. Source-code must be easily deployed - By easily deployed we mean it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes using the documentation you provide in the component profile.
  2. Component must work - seems obvious, but please make sure that the package you upload works on a standard environment, as-is and out of the box. If there are special requirements, please mention those in your documentation.
  3. No copyright violations - Please make sure your component is devoid of copyright violations, such as stock photos or source-code used without consent or the appropriate license. If you are unsure, please comment on possible violations when submitting for review.
  4. Coding standards should be followed - The provided source-code should conform with a known coding-standard for the scripting language you used. Please review our general guidelines for the various languages.

Passing review

After your component has been reviewed and complied with all of the above criteria, you will receive an Email notification and the 'Publish' action will be available in your component listing.

Failing review

If you didn't meet some of the criteria for publication but are not far from meeting the standards, you will be given a detailed reported on the issues you need to fix to meet publishing standards. Otherwise, the submissions might be declined outright and cannot be resubmitted. Please review our reasons for rejecting components before making a submission.