Chris Mayer

Located in United Kingdom, Member for 7 years

I'm Chris, a software developer based in Chichester, United Kingdom.

My current focus is on developing native apps for iOS and Mac OS X in Objective-C, but I've experience in developing for Windows, and DOS prior to that.

My personal projects include the iOS/Mac brain exercise game Brain App, and the template apps - designed to help artists and authors publish their work on the App Store - judging by the number of apps on the App Store using my projects I'd say they've been a sucess! :)

2 products by Chris Mayer

Comic Book iOS App Xcode Project

The Comic Book App project is an exciting new way to publish digital comics on the App Store, without the need to learn how to develop an App. Create an iPad App from your digital comic book in minutes!

Bird Flap Game Starter Kit Mar 11

Easy to reskin and customise - Bird Flap Challenge Game Starter Kit allows you to create a unique 'Flappy Bird'-style game for iPhone, in minutes!