Juan Manuel Uanini

Located in Argentina, Member for 7 years

I've been in the software developing bussiness since 2002. Started with Visual Basic 6 creating a security system which keeps control over USB devices that could be plugged in into any LAN computer.
Then I moved to Visual Basic 2005 (.NET) developing an indicator that calculates the production made based on hours worked and time used for breaks.
Now I use C# 2008 and 2010. I'm still creating software solutions for the company that I work for which includes some knowledge in SQL Server.
I love programming and I will do it until my eyes can't take it anymore.

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The term "Impersonation" in a programming context refers to a technique that executes the code under another user context than the user who originally started an application, i.e. the user context is temporarily changed once or multiple times during the execution of an application.