Vinicius Alves Rodrigues, MyAppControls

Located in Brazil, Member for 4 years

Our mission is to make your job easier. The Apple controls available on Xcode aren't everything you need.Thinking about that, we decided to provide more pre built controls for you, so you can work less and work happier!

That custom control the designer asked you to build and you know you are going to spend days programming? We hope you can find it here and stop wasting your time. Our controls follows the current trend of flat design and are just awesome building blocks to make your iOS app even better. We are really excited to receive your reviews and we hope you can build beautiful UI!

4 products by Vinicius Alves Rodrigues

iOS Bar Chart View

Simple and easy control to present data in the form of a bar chart.

iOS Circular Progress Bar

Simple and easy control to present percentage based information and progression.

iOS Color Picker May 28

Simple and easy color picker for iOS.

iOS Pie Chart

Simple and easy control to present data in the form of a pie chart.