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9 products by Laurent Taupin

Badges View for iOS

Badges View, a component to show badges everywhere on your application

iOS Select Combo Box iOS7 compatible

An extendable and configurable select combo box for iOS app interfaces that saves you the work of creating and maintaining one yourself.

Pretty Clock & Chrono for iOS & OSX

A stylized clock for iOS & OSX apps, similar to clocks on TV stations. It includes a timer and a timed alert.

Quick Photo Capture with Stop Motion

Create Quick Capture Photo applications, discreet capture (without preview) and Stop-Motion Video in a few lines of code.

Async UIImageView w/Cache & Progress

Replacement for UIImageView that adds asynchronous load capability, caching, activity indicator, load progress bar & default image.

Shake And Delete View for iOS

LTShakeAndDeleteView is an UIView that will allow you to shake it (and all its children) just the way the iOS home icons does when you want to delete or move them, adding a delete/remove icon on it to get its action call.

Self Design Arrow View for iOS Jun 4

LTArrow is an easy to use derivated UIView that designs an pretty arrow on itself. Several parameters can be changed for it to be personalized at max.

iOS Easy Modal Dialogs Apr 20

A quick & easy way to invoke dialogs & actionSheets, and get on the spot feedback using decision trees.

DotLock Easy Controller With Spy Picture control

DotLock implements the Android lock screen interaction on the iPhone and optionally captures a photo of unauthorized users entering wrong passwords.