Prompt users to rate your app for Android

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Prompt your users to rate your android applications on the android market.

by pktmterenceg, on Jul 16, 2012 Java Android
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Adam Benayoun AB Asmir Avdicevic AA Zach Spong pktmterenceg Farid B FB
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A simple library to prompt your users to rate your Android app.

Feature includes:

  • Set interval between each request for rating
  • Set a minimum of times the app is launched until the rating dialog is shown to the user.
  • Set a minimum of days since app installation the rating dialos is shown to the user.
  • Set custom text/app name in rate suggest alert box

An alernative component for iOS can be found here:

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  • FB Farid B 9 months ago
    Great thing.
  • AA Asmir Avdicevic 2 years ago
    I'll make this component as soon as I find time, probably next week or over the weekend.
  • Zach Spong 2 years ago