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Software Products

A curated listing of independently developed software and games.

Digitalsignagepress Base Nov 2

Digitalsignagepress lets you create, manage, and deliver messages and media to advertising displays.

Networking & Servers - Linux
Wordpress Plugin - EU Cookie Law Consent Window Dec 12

The easiest way to add the EU Cookie Law Window in your website and inform your visitors for the usage of cookies. The Cookie Law will appear once and will not appear again if users press the OK button declearing that they accept usage of cookies. You can fully customize the appearance and links for Cookie Policy Page and Accept Cookies.

Software Development - Windows
Message Compiler Feb 6

The Message Compiler is a programming tool, used to internationalize applications, by compiling a message file, which contains text definitions and documentation in different languages. It produces several output files, like resource files, programming language specific class or header files with constant definitions for the text keys and HTML documentation pages.

Software Development - Mac OS
vRegistry Admin CMS Mar 29

Several scheduling, booking, analyzing, accounting, IoT management and many other administration interfaces can be created based on vRegistry solution.

Business & Office - Linux
Money Pig Mar 25

Are you worried about your financial future? Money Pig can help by organizing your financial data so you can make the most of it. Money Pig allows you to plan out your income and expenses, providing charts around your current and future financial life. Best of all, it does so securely.

Business & Office - Windows
Store Manager for WooCommerce Oct 22

An advanced eCommerce solution with comprehensive functional capabilities meant to refine data manipulations and improve overall store handling.

Business & Office - Windows
CSS It Aug 4

A Graphical CSS Live Editor

Utilities - Windows
Store Manager for Magento Jul 20

Store Manager for Magento enables retailers to gain speed, simplicity and reliability when handling their ecommerce under Windows. Concentrating on fundamental store management strategies, Store Manager includes all ground options for proper Magento store administration.

Business & Office - Windows
Free Images Commander Jun 25

Search free images on 55 websites, send images to Wordpress Media Gallery, convert images to 7 formats and much more

Business & Office - Windows
Store Manager for Prestashop Jun 16

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a desktop application, designed to speed up and automate the management of PrestaShop based stores. You save your time, sweat and money by simply allowing the Store Manager to operate your business.

Business & Office - Windows