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iOS 8 visual effects crash course

This tutorial covers the basics of UIBlurEffect, UIVibrancyEffect, and UIVisualEffectView. The app you’ll be using to review how visual effects work pays homage to one of my favorite creative professionals, Tim Burton.

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AngularJS: Looking under the hood [Part 2]

JavaScript AngularJS Oct 14, 2014

Last week I published an article that looked under the hood of AngularJS. We’ve got another five secrets from the source code this week, so let’s dive in, learn some more about Angular’s internal workings and things I’ve learned along the way that have helped me become a better developer.

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Introduction to rate limiting with Redis [Part 1]

Python Database Oct 9, 2014

This tutorial series covers two different but related methods of performing rate limiting in Redis using standard Redis commands and Lua scripting. Each method expands the number of use-cases for rate limiting, and cleans up some of the rougher edges of previous rate limiters.

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Building a sliding modal dialog with Angular JS

A fancy pants sliding modal dialog with fading overlay built in Angular JS and LESS CSS. Don't keep using a third-party solution, build your own custom, reusable modal from scratch!

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AngularJS: Looking under the hood [Part 1]

JavaScript AngularJS Oct 7, 2014

The more AngularJS you write, the more you marvel at its magic. I got pretty curious about some of the fantastic things Angular does and decided to dive into the source code and see if I could reveal some of its secrets. I’ve documented some of the things I’ve found really useful that explain some of the more advanced (and hidden!) side of Angular in its 23,000+ lines of source code!

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A guide to the Android Wear Message API

Android Wear comes with nifty features right out of the box (e.g. notifications), but its true value comes in with native apps that communicate directly with paired smartphones. In this tutorial, I'll cover how to use Android Wear's Message API to send data from a phone to a wearable.

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Building a text editor with PyQt, Part 4: tables, dates and unsaved changes

Python Editors Sep 23, 2014

In the final installment of Building a text editor with PyQt, we add two more extensions: inserting the current date and time into our text, and another for inserting and managing tables. In addition, we create a way of prompting users about unsaved changes before closing *Writer*.

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A PHP bootstrapping crash course

PHP Productivity Sep 19, 2014

It can be a chore to manage script dependencies as your PHP applications grow larger and more complex. Once you've finished this crash course in bootstrapping, you'll have a basic -- yet powerful -- modern application template with simplified script dependency built in.

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Building a text editor with PyQt: Part 3

Python Editors Sep 16, 2014

Part three in this series on Building a text editor with PyQt begins to add bells and whistles to the word processor we've built. We'll add features including find and replace, image insertion, as well as word and symbol count.

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Getting Started with the Gamepad Controller for Android TV

Learn how to port your games to Android TV and support the gamepad with this guide and Asteroids-esque OpenGL example. All source code for this tutorial can be found on GitHub.

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