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Manipulating PDFs with Python

Python Nov 6, 2014

There are some nasty PDFs out there, but there are several tools you can use to get what you need from them. Python enables you to get inside and scrape, split, merge, delete, and crop just about whatever you find, and I'll show you how.

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Introduction to rate limiting with Redis [Part 2]

Python Database Nov 3, 2014

The second installment in my series on rate limiting with Redis covers two different but related methods using standard Redis commands and Lua scripting. Each approach expands the number of use cases for rate limiting, and cleans up some of the rougher edges of previous rate limiters.

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Using Android Media Style notifications with Media Session controls

Java Android User Interface Oct 30, 2014

Android Lollipop is brimming with new features, and one of them is lock screen notifications. In this tutorial I'll go over using the new `MediaStyle` for notifications and interacting with a `MediaSession` for controlling media playback states.

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Getting Started with RabbitMQ in PHP

PHP Oct 28, 2014

In this tutorial I'll walk you through using message broker software RabbitMQ with PHP. It acts as a middleman between a producer and a consumer. We'll build an app that sends emails on a delay as an example.

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Building useful notifications with HTML5 APIs

JavaScript Oct 28, 2014

Many users keep loads of tabs open in their browsers these days. Stuff they're working on, things they want to read later, Twitter feeds. How's your site going to stand out? HTML 5 supplies us with a few JavaScript API additions that can help, and I'll show you how.

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Creating an Octahedron Sphere in Unity

C# Game Development Oct 27, 2014

Create better spheres in Unity by subdividing the faces of an octahedron.

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Getting started with Go and test-driven development

Go Oct 22, 2014

In this tutorial, I'll help you set up your Go environment and teach you how to handle test-drive development with the language.

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Building an Android Google Cast Sender App

With millions of Chromecasts sold and the Android TV ready to burst into living rooms, knowing how to build an app that supports casting should be in every Android developer's toolkit. This tutorial covers making an Android sender app for casting videos to TVs.

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Building better project skeletons with Composer

PHP Productivity Oct 22, 2014

Skeletons are pre-made projects that you can use to bootstrap your projects. In this tutorial, I'll guide you through creating your very own for PHP projects using Composer.

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A Guide to Android RecyclerView and CardView

Java Android User Interface Oct 22, 2014

Android L introduced two new UI components: RecyclerView and CardView. In this tutorial, I'll explain how to use these two widgets and how to use them together.

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