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A PHP bootstrapping crash course

PHP Productivity Sep 19, 2014

It can be a chore to manage script dependencies as your PHP applications grow larger and more complex. Once you've finished this crash course in bootstrapping, you'll have a basic -- yet powerful -- modern application template with simplified script dependency built in.

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Building a text editor with PyQt: Part 3

Python Editors Sep 16, 2014

Part three in this series on Building a text editor with PyQt begins to add bells and whistles to the word processor we've built. We'll add features including find and replace, image insertion, as well as word and symbol count.

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Getting Started with the Gamepad Controller for Android TV

Learn how to port your games to Android TV and support the gamepad with this guide and Asteroids-esque OpenGL example. All source code for this tutorial can be found on GitHub.

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Building a text editor with PyQt: Part 2

Python Editors Sep 10, 2014

In the previous part of my tutorial series on Building a text editor with PyQt, we created our text editor's basic skeleton and added some useful features for file management, printing, inserting lists and more. This part will focus on the format bar, which we'll populate with a number of features, including actions to change the font family, background color, alignment and more.

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Make a Cut The Rope Game using SpriteKit: Part 2

This tutorial covers how to create a game like Cut The Rope from start to finish using SpriteKit and LevelHelper 2. If you haven't checked part 1 of the tutorial, head there first to get started.

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Building a text editor with PyQt: Part 1

Python Editors Sep 2, 2014

This series will show your how to build a simple but useful rich-text editor with PyQt. In part one, we'll focus on building the core features and skeleton of the editor.

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An introduction to agent-based models: simulating segregation with Python

Python Statistics Aug 28, 2014

In this piece, I'll introduce you to the power of agent-based when used to understand complex phenomenons. We'll use some Python, a social science case study and the Schelling model to get a deeper look at segregation in New York City.

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A guide to Cocoapods, dependency management for Xcode

Objective-C Productivity Aug 27, 2014

If you're an iOS or Mac developer who's not using Cocoapods, then you're definitely not developing as fast or effectively as possible. Learn how to use Cocoapods and make managing third-party library dependencies a breeze.

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The factory design pattern explained by example

PHP Aug 26, 2014

Learn the Factory design pattern through a case-study of a fictional toy company.

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Building a robust JSON API client with Ruby

Ruby Aug 18, 2014

If you're building a Ruby on Rails site and consuming a popular API, odds are there's a gem for it and it's as simple as a few lines of code to query and return what you need. But on the other hand, you could be introducing low-quality gem code into your application, a much bigger library than your use

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