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Building useful notifications with HTML5 APIs

JavaScript Oct 28, 2014

Many users keep loads of tabs open in their browsers these days. Stuff they're working on, things they want to read later, Twitter feeds. How's your site going to stand out? HTML 5 supplies us with a few JavaScript API additions that can help, and I'll show you how.

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Getting started with Go and test-driven development

Go Oct 22, 2014

In this tutorial, I'll help you set up your Go environment and teach you how to handle test-drive development with the language.

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How to create a custom Android Wear watch face

Java Android Jul 30, 2014

There's no official Android Wear watch face API yet, but that doesn't mean we can't make our own solution. There are plenty of watch faces already out there, and they are very simple to make. If you know how to make an Android application for a phone or tablet, you already know how to make a watch face. This

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Converting an Objective-C app to Swift: Working with web data

Swift Jul 21, 2014

Apple's new language, Swift, is supposed to make writing native iOS apps a lot faster and more fun. However, porting apps from Objective-C to this new language might take some getting used to. In this post, we'll be converting our Objective-C app that works with web data to Swift. We'll start with the

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Building a remote backend for an Ionic framework app with Parse

JavaScript PhoneGap Jul 14, 2014

In my previous article we built an Ionic framework app that pulls weather data from for a given latitude and longitude. In this tutorial, we're going to extend the app to use Parse as a remote backend. If you're not familiar with Parse, it's a web-based platform that provides backend services.

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SwiftyJSON: How to handle JSON in Swift

Swift Jul 10, 2014

Since Swift is very strict about types, it can be a hassle working with JSON because it's naturally implicit about types. SwiftyJSON is an open source library that helps you use JSON in Swift without tearing your hair out. Before getting started, let's take a closer look at just how painful handling

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Working with JSON and PNaCl using jsoncpp

C/C++ Jul 4, 2014

When I started developing the PHP Ninja Manual I'd hoped that the IndexedDB API for client-side storage would be fast enough to search through 10,000 terms. Well, it is -- but there's a catch. It's only speedy if it makes use of indices. For example, it's quick if you look for items that start with your

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Crafting a weather app with Ionic framework and

JavaScript PhoneGap Jun 23, 2014

Introduction In this article we're going to build a simple weather forecast app with Ionic framework, an open-source front-end development kit for building cross-platform mobile apps with HTML5 and Javascript. is web service that provides weather data for a given latitude and longitude. Installation Installing

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Building HTML5 Mobile Apps with Local Storage and Topcoat

JavaScript Jun 16, 2014

In this tutorial, we will take a look at a fundamental use case of the local storage object by explaining how the API works and creating a simple application using jQuery and Topcoat. You can learn more about mobile HTML5 in my online course. The API Sometimes it makes sense to save some persistent

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Learn Objective-C, Building an App (Part 12): Working With Web Data

Objective-C Aug 15, 2013

Apps become a lot more interesting when we connect them to the internet. They’re able to fetch live data, update that data, and interact with other people and devices. In this post, we’ll look at how to pull data from the internet. We’ll be working with JSON data. JSON, which stands

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