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iOS 8 visual effects crash course

This tutorial covers the basics of UIBlurEffect, UIVibrancyEffect, and UIVisualEffectView. The app you’ll be using to review how visual effects work pays homage to one of my favorite creative professionals, Tim Burton.

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Make a Cut The Rope Game using SpriteKit: Part 2

This tutorial covers how to create a game like Cut The Rope from start to finish using SpriteKit and LevelHelper 2. If you haven't checked part 1 of the tutorial, head there first to get started.

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A guide to Cocoapods, dependency management for Xcode

Objective-C Productivity Aug 27, 2014

If you're an iOS or Mac developer who's not using Cocoapods, then you're definitely not developing as fast or effectively as possible. Learn how to use Cocoapods and make managing third-party library dependencies a breeze.

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Make a Cut The Rope Game using SpriteKit: Part 1

This tutorial will cover how to create a game like Cut The Rope in SpriteKit from start to finish using LevelHelper 2. While similar tutorials exist, I feel all of them focus on building a prototype and not an actual game. All of them cover how to create a single level and do everything by code. This

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Creating a treasure hunt app using an iPad and an iPhone

In this tutorial I will show how to use iBeacon - Apple's indoor proximity system. We're going to build a treasure hunt where the iPad acts as the treasure and the iPhone acts as the hunter which tells you when you're getting warmer. If you want to following along with this tutorial the [is available

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Getting Social: An Introduction to Integrating Twitter and Facebook Into Your iOS Applications

With an increasing number of apps in the App Store, a major challenge for App Developers is how to get their application noticed. Traditionally, developers have turned to advertising, spending their hard earned cash on in-app and mobile advertising to drive demand. In recent years though, cost effective

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ReactiveCocoa tutorial

Objective-C UIKit iPhone May 17, 2014

What is ReactiveCocoa ReactiveCocoa is an FRP framework for iOS, consisting of several components that let developers write code in a declarative manner rather than imperative. The main idea behind FRP is to represent program flow as sequences of events. With the help of powerful functional programming

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Creating an iPhone video chat app using Parse and Opentok (tokbox)

Creating an iPhone video chat app isn't rocket science, but there are a lot of intricacies to account for. This tutorial covers the entire purpose of developing such an app from start to finish. It is quite long, so you might want to bookmark it so you can revisit it later. The end result: The entire

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Learn Objective-C, Building an App (Part 12): Working With Web Data

Objective-C Aug 15, 2013

Apps become a lot more interesting when we connect them to the internet. They’re able to fetch live data, update that data, and interact with other people and devices. In this post, we’ll look at how to pull data from the internet. We’ll be working with JSON data. JSON, which stands

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Learn Objective-C, Building an App (Part 11): Core Data

Objective-C Database Dec 22, 2012

Core Data This post will explore the depths of the Core Data API. Core Data is a technology that manages a complex SQL database, and wraps the C function calls into an object-oriented framework that is much easier to use. This database structure allows you to store complex data objects, and a lot of

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