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Creating an iPhone video chat app using Parse and Opentok (tokbox)

Creating an iPhone video chat app isn't rocket science, but there are a lot of intricacies to account for. This tutorial covers the entire purpose of developing such an app from start to finish. It is quite long, so you might want to bookmark it so you can revisit it later. The end result: The entire

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Learn Objective-C, Building an App (Part 9): Quartz Demo 3

In this last section, we will combine the drawing abilities of Quartz with the blazing fast animations that are provided by Core Animation. Core Animation Primer Core Animation is a framework for animating a number of properties on views. It was introduced with OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and iPhone OS 3.0.

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Learn Objective-C, Building an App (Part 8): Quartz Demo 2

This section will continue from where we left off last week. We’ll work with solid fills, gradient fills, and image and pattern fills. Open up the project from last week, and let’s get started. Navigate to CustomView.m Single Color Fills In the last section we filled our paths with solid

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Learn Objective-C, Building an App (Part 7): Quartz Demo 1

Previously, I’ve written about Quartz, which is the 2D graphics engine that powers the graphics in iOS. In this post, we’ll take a look at various examples of Quartz at work. I’ll explain everything as we go along. Open up the demo app from last time, and let’s get started! Adding

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Learn Objective-C: A Quartz Primer

Overview The iOS platform includes a powerful API that lets you directly draw content to the screen. The Core Graphics, or Quartz, framework was introduced in the early versions of Mac OS X, and was included in the iOS SDK. Quartz is a vector drawing API, which means that the drawing code is independent

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