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Getting Started with RabbitMQ in PHP

PHP Oct 28, 2014

In this tutorial I'll walk you through using message broker software RabbitMQ with PHP. It acts as a middleman between a producer and a consumer. We'll build an app that sends emails on a delay as an example.

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Building better project skeletons with Composer

PHP Productivity Oct 22, 2014

Skeletons are pre-made projects that you can use to bootstrap your projects. In this tutorial, I'll guide you through creating your very own for PHP projects using Composer.

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A PHP bootstrapping crash course

PHP Productivity Sep 19, 2014

It can be a chore to manage script dependencies as your PHP applications grow larger and more complex. Once you've finished this crash course in bootstrapping, you'll have a basic -- yet powerful -- modern application template with simplified script dependency built in.

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The factory design pattern explained by example

PHP Aug 26, 2014

Learn the Factory design pattern through a case-study of a fictional toy company.

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Custom pagination in PHP and Symfony

PHP Jul 16, 2014

Pagination is probably the most widely used feature in any website. For PHP developers, there are already quite a number of libraries out there for us to pick and use in our own site -- if you choose not to develop one from scratch, that is. Though DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) is a good motto to follow

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Introduction to PostGIS: Part 2

PHP Database May 19, 2014

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we looked at installing PostGIS, a promising extension for the PostgreSQL database that adds spatial objects to a database. Specifically, we covered: Installing the prerequisite libraries for PostGIS. Setting up PostGIS on Linux. Creating your first spatial database

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Introduction to PostGIS: Part 1

PHP Database May 16, 2014

OVERVIEW & INSTALLATION PostGIS is a promising extension for the PostgreSQL database that adds spatial objects to a database. In simple words, PostGIS adds geographical capabilities to a database. With the growing importance of Location Based Systems (LBS) in our day-to-day life, PostGIS is a blessing

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Using PHP with MySQL - the right way

PHP Database Mar 27, 2014

PHP and MySQL is one of the most common stacks for web development, even in 2014. With it such a common combination powering so many websites, it is quite shocking that the most common online examples of using it are completely horrible and outdated by at least a decade. Try searching for "php mysql

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