Create better software with professional Open-Source.

Over 5 million hours of development and QA time saved with Binpress Open-Source projects.

Open Source Is The Future Of Software.

Through Open-Source, developers have access to standard, mature code solutions that reduce development and QA time and costs. Unfortunately, Over 90% of Open-Source projects are no longer maintained, and most code is still proprietary. In addition, licensing complications prevent some Open-Source from being used to develop commercial applications.

Binpress connects businesses with professional Open-Source projects.

Through a versatile licensing system and a distribution platform, we provide developers with the means to work professionally on their Open-Source projects, while providing businesses with the licensing options that fit their needs.

Open-Source projects are curated for quality and standards.

Projects published on Binpress are manually reviewed by experts in the respective technologies to make sure they adhere to coding standards and best practices. Developers publishing on Binpress are expected to provide professional support for their published code, and we provide a 14-day money-back guarantee as a show of confidence in the quality of our projects.

Binpress provides the platform for creating sustainable Open-Source

Indie developers often struggle with getting traction for their products. We handle distribution, marketing and payments while providing our brand and seal of quality to help facilitate a successful engagement between developers and businesses.

We are the "App-store" of source-code.