Build a business around open-source.

Follow in the footsteps of MySQL and Red Hat and work full-time on open-source.

  • Package your reusable code and publish it with open-source and commercial licensing.

  • Join our distribution platform, and we'll handle marketing, advertising and sales for you.

  • Use our branding and community to add credibility and trust to your projects.

  • Don't worry about licensing and pricing - we'll help you figure out the best fit for you.

Build Your Open-Source Business With Us

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  • How it works

    Binpress is a marketplace for open-source projects. We help developers create a sustainable business around their code by adding the commercial layer and handling distribution. Do what you do best and let us take care of the rest.

    • Package your existing code, even if you haven't open-sourced it before.
    • We help you with marketing copy, licensing and pricing.
    • Publish your project on our marketplace and join our distribution network.
    • Build a business from working on and supporting your code.

    Over 2 Million development hours saved last year using commercial open-source projects through Binpress.

  • Can I really pay the bills with open-source?

    Multiple publishers on Binpress are already making over $100k annually. Software is a huge business and open-source is an integral part of it. Help us contribute to the ecosystem by publishing your code, and make a good living doing it.

  • Isn't it called "Free Open-Source" for a reason?

    Open-source is free as in freedom and not free as beer. Free in this context means providing the rights to study, modify and redistribute the code behind an application. You can read more about this topic on our blog.

    Building a commercial layer over open-source supports the ecosystem, by providing professional support and services around the code, reducing the risk and cost for businesses. It's a path that industry giants such as Red Hat and MySQL took in becoming billion $ open-source companies.

  • No recurring fees or initial costs

    We are your partners - we want to be a part of your success. Listing on Binpress and going through our technical review is 100% free. We take a flat 30% commission of each sale, which covers processing fees and the services we provide - distribution, marketing, advertising and sales - as well as belonging to strong and growing network.

  • No exclusivity required

    You can sell licenses on your site and on other similar marketplaces - we even encourage it. Most of our publishers find by testing alternatives that we convert the best - we have been improving our funnel for over 2 years - and have the highest level of service. We believe you will feel the same and encourage you try alternatives.

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