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Binpress is a self-publishing service for digital products. Increase exposure to your products by publishing it on our marketplace.

Publishing And Selling Digital Products

Binpress is a platform for publishing and selling digital products. Current product types include software and code libraries, with many more coming soon.

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The Binpress Marketplace

The Binpress marketplace is a distribution channel for your digital products. Originally a marketplace for code libraries, it now lists software products with other digital product types coming soon.

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Why publish on the marketplace?

We take care of marketing, distribution, advertising, sales, licensing, payments and payouts, while providing our stamp of quality. Publishing on our marketplace gives you additional exposure and revenue, in addition to those generated on your own store.

How does it work

  1. Sign-up a publisher below.
  2. Add your product.
  3. Under "Distribution", submit your product for review.
  4. Our review team will help you prepare your product for publication. Read our reviewing guide to learn more.
  5. Approved products are published on the marketplace and are added to our mailing lists and marketing materials.
  6. Connect your payment methods - Stripe and / or PayPal to be paid directly to your accounts.
  7. We take a 30% commission for license purchases and a 10% commission for custom services rendered. Read more about our pricing.

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