15+ Blog Post Ideas for Beginners & Startup Blogs

In most occasions, we wish to own unique blogs and continue to grapple with the kind of blog posts we can start up. I must admit it is never an easy task to achieve as there seem to be many more blogs starting up by the minute and we may be left with the feeling that we may never be able to create new stuff.

Sometimes, I have seen people who feel everything on the Internet is recycled stuff. They think there is no originality at all. I am writing this blog post with the intention of helping you understand that originality can still be acquired. I guess I would have to lay a ground rule down before I proceed towards giving the Blog ideas.

“Do not have a closed mind”

That is the rule which we must always remember as we proceed on this jolly ride of discovering blog ideas. It is often said that a closed minded individual would never get ahead of the pack. Open your mind to new possibilities and hey, it would be great to grab a pen and paper in order to jot down the interesting stuff we discovered.

So let’s begin with the various blog ideas that can inspire you:

1. Write on Relationship struggles

We all feel sweet butterflies in our stomach whenever we fall in love for the very first time. I remember that I was always looking forward to meeting my heartthrob on every dinner date and I was engaging in everything the lady wanted. This feeling of love is a universal feeling and some scientists have called it infatuation.

However, many people have written on the topic of falling in love. People have so much created excellent beautiful love sceneries. As well as preaching the needed ‘Do’s’ and the dreaded ‘Don’ts’ that are to be avoided when in love.

However, most bloggers have not created blog posts that discuss on the perfect way to heal after the love seems to have disappeared and the relationship ends up being a pattern of struggle. There is no gainsaying to the fact that there would be many more people falling in love as the years go by because it is an indispensable part of life.

When they do fall in love, we know that it would only last for a couple of years before relationship struggles set in. Whenever such people encounter the struggles in the relationship, we would be there to provide the blog posts that would provide a source of refuge and healing for the broken heart. Some examples of blog posts that we can craft out include

  • How To Win Your Lover Back
  • How To Get Your Relationship Groove Back
  • The Power Of Forgiveness In Winning Back A Lover
  • The Five (5) Most Important Pills To Take In Reviving Your Relationship.

2. Writing Unique Poems

I have seen that many poets are always looking for ways in order to get a newer audience. Some of these poets go about this in the wrong way by posting on other people’s blogs. In order to gain a better audience, we can decide to create a poetry blog.

How does that work?

In most cases, we can begin by searching for the areas where we kept our poetry. In online notepads, word files, physical diaries, and other places. After the poems are recovered, the next step to take is writing them as blog posts.

There are so many aspects of poetry that affect people in general.

There are sad poems that are meant to help people process pain.

There are poems about political struggles that are meant to stir the population into a political course of action.

There are also romantic poems that are aimed at stirring the heart and poems about mother earth that help us to reconnect back to our roots.

While most people can choose to retain a single kind of poem, I would advise that we stay ahead by always creating blog posts of different poem genres. The benefits of creating blog posts of poems are that we would be providing value to the audience that comes and it would be easier to monetize the craft by either monetizing the blog or selling poetry books on that website. There is a word of advice concerning any blog post to create.

“Be bold and daring”.

Let your poetry inspire and carve out a new norm that many people would follow through. Some examples of poetry blog posts that we can create include,

  • A Poem For The Beautiful Ones
  • A Poem For Mother Earth.

These are just samples which anyone can develop on

3. Create a Top Ten List

We are in the speed-dial age. What this means is that we are in a period in time that many people want to receive very short and straight to the point information. Already, there are many people on YouTube who are tapping into the “Top-10 list” trend but there are few bloggers that have tapped into it.

The benefit of creating Top 10 lists is that they are so much easy to make. Also, the lists are so much easier to research than traditional blog posts and that is why we should be thinking of tapping into this minefield of blog posting. What are some of the Top 10 lists that we can begin to post?

  • Top 10 foods for camping: We can easily make research on the foods that are so easy to make and will boost the outdoor camping experience.
  • A top ten list of beers is also a very viable blog post which can drive a huge number of audiences to the website. College students who are occasionally engaged in the organization of parties on and off campuses would definitely love that kind of list while we can also target a top ten list of festivals to attend during the summer.
  • We can begin to up the ante by creating a top ten list of latest technologies, which would bring a newer set of audience to the website.

The general requirement that we should strive to engage in before we create the list, is to engage in thorough research. We should try and make use of Google search in order to determine the most searched information before we begin to craft the list.

For example, if the most searched information is “Meaghan and Prince Harry wedding”, we can create a top ten list of Royal Weddings in history. Using this technique, the attention of the visitors is grabbed and they will stay on

4. Create a Movie Review

Every season is the season for moviegoers and we can capitalize on this by creating movie review blog posts.

What is a movie review and how does it work to draw the attention of people?

Within most instances, a movie review serves the purpose of painting the good side of a movie as well as highlighting the bad sides in order to convince people to either check out the movie or not.

We should understand that some people are not fully trusting of prominent movie review bodies such as Meta critic or Rotten Tomatoes because there is the fear that big film corporations may convince them to write good reviews for their cinematic releases.

This is where we will come in with our unique movie review blog posts. Web audiences will definitely trust the reviews we make because they are quite original in content. Here are some movie review blog posts that we can create.

  • 5 Reasons why I love Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Do not watch the Avengers Infinity War; because you may die of heartbreak.
  • Red Sparrow: The best spy movie ever created?
  • 3 Reasons why The Rock flopped in Fast and Furious 8.

Blog posts that are centered on movie reviews have been proven to help improve the movie corporations and screenwriters from sticking to a particular kind of plot in film production. For example, we can decide to convince the makers of the Fast and Furious Franchise to stop the continuation of the movies by writing negative movie reviews that will convince cinemagoers against watching the movie.

There is power in writing movie reviews, and there are also ready audiences, especially when it comes to popular films that have very controversial topics for example Acrimony, which was a movie created by Tyler Perry.

5. Create Blog Posts on Climate Change Awareness

I have always been a fanciful activist that believes in fighting for the environment. I believe this can present one of the best blog post ideas that would not only drive up the blog visits but genuinely add value to the environment.

Like we know, the activities of human beings on both industrial scale and through personal activities are causing great harm to the environment especially through the increasing amount of carbon that we release into the atmosphere. As the days continue to progress, the fate and health of the planet continue to hang on a very fragile balance that may tilt to a negative side if the destructive activities continue.

This is the point where we come in with the creation of unique blog posts that would be geared towards fighting for the environment. We could begin by creating blog posts on the awareness that may make use of numerous scientific facts that are meant to show the serious nature of the problem at hand.

Examples of blog posts that discuss awareness may include,

  • 3 Scientific Research That Shows The Planet Is Dying.
  • Where Are We with Carbon Emissions
  • Global Environmental Warnings and Science Dooms Day.

Bear it in mind that these are just some of the ideas that I have created that talk about the awareness stage of Global warming.

6. Create Blog Posts on Ways to Help the Environment

After we have created Blog posts for the awareness of Global warming, we can then begin to create posts that teach blog visitors on the best way to reduce carbon emission and protection of the environment. For example, we may decide to experiment with the following topics that would showcase concrete steps to reduce global warming.

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Masdar City Model Is the Answer For Global Warming
  • Simple Home Practices To Safeguard the Safety Of Planet Earth
  • Is It Time To Fight The Big Corporations Killing The Environment?

These topics can be vital in helping to enlighten the blog audience about the necessary steps that would improve the welfare of the environment.

We may then take our environmental protection campaign further by creating blog posts that call for collaborations with major environmental protection organizations. Examples of such blog posts may include.

  • Supporting Green Peace Is The Right Thing To Do.
  • How Oceana Helps The Planet Earth

7. Writing On A Favorite Basketball Game

There are many blog post topics that can be generated when we begin to think of writing about our favorite games.

We have something within us that makes us respond with happiness when we engage in reading about sports. As we begin to read about our favorite teams, our eyes brighten and we are immediately translated into a sort of higher realm where the excitement is the constant. What I am trying to say is that we can begin to capitalize on this universal love for sports by creating blog posts on sports.

For example, if I am a Basketball enthusiast that spends much time watching ESPN game analysis, I would begin to craft out blog post topics that will be focused on the analysis of the Basketball gameplay. Examples of such kinds of topics may include

  • Why Are LA Lakers On A Downward Slump?
  • Top Five Records That LeBron James Broke In Yesterday’s Game.
  • Is Dwayne Wade The Greatest Of All Time?

8. Writing On Soccer Topics

For those bloggers who may find soccer to be the sport that gives more pleasure, topics that center on the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, and others may be crafted out to form Blog posts. Some of such topics may be

  • Is Cristiano Ronaldo “Mr. Champions League”
  • Teams That Made Russia 2018 A Memorable Experience
  • Can Qatar 2022 Beat Russia 2018 In Pomp?
  • The David Beckham Effect On American Football.
  • Is Messi A Greater Footballing God Than Maradona?

9. Writing Retro Sporting News

We can decide to be extra creative when it comes to the formulation of sporting topics as we can decide to go retro as well. In going retro, we can use our blog posts to bring back old memories of sporting events and sporting legends who may have been crowned in the Halls of Fame.

Some of the topics that we can explore include,

  • Borg Vs. Mcenroe; The Match That Defined Tennis
  • How Muhammad Ali Rose To Fame
  • The Ice Cold Legacy Of Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • The Fastest Man Alive: The Story Of Usain Bolt.
  • Michael Phelps: The Man Who Made Swimming Cool

The benefit of going retro is that we will be making a lot of blog visitors relive their best years and giving them a reason to return to the blog in order to get more.

10. Writing A Virtual Gaming Experience

I must admit that this blog writing may be more beneficial to a younger set of bloggers. Nevertheless, there is no harm when older bloggers participate.

There is this kind of thrill and rush that comes to most gamers when they read about their favorite video games. It is like reading a personal experience being told by another person. Bloggers who are in total love with their video games can begin to create topics on certain aspects of it. We may decide to create topics on the kind of peculiar bugs that continue to slow down the gameplay. For example,

  • Top Ten Bugs In Grand Theft Auto (Vice City) And How To Fix Them
  • How To Debug Your Assassins Creed To Get The Best Out Of The Game.

We may also choose to create topics that talk about the cheats within the games. This is especially very popular among games because the search for the latest cheats is always undertaken every day by faithful gamers. Examples of blog post topics for game cheats include,

  • How To Hack FIFA 2019
  • Playing War Of Witchcraft With Unlimited Coins.
  • How To Kill Zeus On God Of War 3

We may also choose to create blog posts that review the latest games for other gamers who may be interested in testing it. Some of the topics that we can coin out for such review blog posts may include,

  • Buying Frens Vampire Killer Is A Total Waste Of Cash!
  • Dope As F: A Review Of The Latest American Gangster.

11. Write on Your Favorite Travel Destinations

Many people love to engage in traveling as the experience is quite refreshing. In a certain way, traveling brings about the taste of new cultures and an opportunity to break down prejudicial barriers that may have existed at any prior time. This is the reason why we should also consider creating blog posts that are travel-focused. We may decide to craft out topics that talk about the pros and cons of taking a certain type of transportation. This may include blog topics like,

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Fly To Russia By Air
  • Experiencing The Real Beauty Of Europe By Train Travel

We may then proceed towards writing on the hospitality of the new people that we met as well as distinct parts of their cultures such as their unique foods. Blog topics that we may tinker with may include,

  • Are The Japanese The Most Hospitable People?
  • Experiencing The Samba Spirit Live In Brazil
  • The Top Food Guides For Newbies In Italy
  • Is Paris Truly The City Of Love?

We can also create topics that talk about the political and social atmosphere of the destinations that we visit but extra care must be taken to write such blog posts after the visit as there may not be freedom of speech within such a country

12. Create a Unique Picture Blog Post

I personally love experiencing the world through the medium of camera lenses and most times I want to share such beautiful moments with other people through blog posts.

This can be a great way for photographers to build up a faithful audience and also attract major organizations that may in interested in some form of collaborative work in the future. We may decide to create picture blog posts that have the theme of family, nature, sports and any other theme. Examples of such blog posts topics may be,

  • Sammy’s Transitions (this may be a picture collection of a child’s growth into maturity)
  • Mama Bear And Her Tender Moments
  • Nature’s Fiercest Lovers
  • Picture Reel From Masdar, The Most Sustainable City In The World.

13. Write on Great Careers To Follow

There are many college undergrads as well as high-schoolers who do not have any idea of the kind of career to follow through. While they may think certain career paths are cool, we can decide to bring to the blog posts that showcase the pros and cons of certain careers.

We could also decide to create blog posts on the best places to engage in an internship in order to fully experience the career at a first-hand basis. Blog tropics that we may create on a career may include,

  • Three Reasons Why You Should Not Become A Lawyer
  • What Career Options Are There For Animal Rights Activists?
  • Top Three Best Internships For Budding Investment Analysts
  • Becoming The Billionaire You Always Dreamed Of Through Technological Careers.

14. Creating a Blog Post about Breaking Addictions

There are many people who are seeking to break free of the negative addictions that they find themselves. We can decide to proffer help by creating blog posts that deal on that. We may decide to create topics that deal on the triggers of the addiction such as

  • Five places you should not visit as a struggling alcohol addict
  • Signs to know when you are falling into the porn trap.

We can then proceed to create topics that talk on the actual lifestyle patterns that can bring cure in the long run. Examples of such topics may include,

  • Step-By-Step Daily Activities for Recovering Drug Addicts.
  • Drugs That Inflame Depression Rather Than Cure It
  • Five Fruit Blends To Help A Struggling Cocaine Addict

15. Write a Review About Your Gadgets

Most likely you have a smartphone. Probably you also own a laptop or a PC. If you own a PC, then you have a keyboard and a mouse. Probably you also have a headset. What other gadgets do you use on daily basis? Just look around and count the gadgets you use every day. Are you enjoy using them? What are the pros and cons of your gadgets? Share your opinion on your blog about your phone, laptop, keyboard, mouse and so on.

Some topic ideas you can write on a tech blog even if you are a beginner:

  • My Honest Opinion on Logitech MK710 Keyboard
  • Samsung Chromebook – Probably the Best Laptop for Nomad Blogging
  • Why I do / don’t Recommend iPhone 10X – 5 Possible Issues with Your Phone

To build up trust with your readers and make your content better and more engaging, include photos of your gadgets in your blog posts.


It does not matter the kind of blog post idea that we may decide to experiment on. What really matters is that we should always strive to bring up ideas. which will provide good value for blog visitors and would stay relevant over the course of the years.

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