Creating a City Building Game with SFML

Simulation games, whilst not as action packed as an FPS or as emotive as an RPG, are nonetheless a rather popular game genre. In this ten-part tutorial we’ll develop a simple city simulation game, in which the player can build houses and shops, lay roads, and generally maintain a population.

Since C++ (the language we’ll be using) doesn’t have native support for graphics, we’ll use the SFML library to help create the game. It will be assumed that you have already installed and set up SFML since this differs from platform to platform. See the SFML website for details on how to do this. We’ll also be making use of the C++11 standard, so make sure to enable the standard in your compiler settings. Some older compilers (particularly Visual Studio) may fail to compile the code even with the standard in use, but any relatively new g++ or MinGW compiler should work fine.

The complete source code for each part of the tutorial lives here, on my Github account.


Author: Daniel Mansfield