This tutorial covers how to create a game like Cut The Rope from start to finish using SpriteKit and LevelHelper 2. If you haven’t checked part 1 of the tutorial you should do so here.

As explained in the first installment, this series takes the form of several videos, the second of which you’ll find below. I’ve also included prerequisites, video chapters and other useful info below. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Note: After part 1 of the tutorial was released I updated the LevelHelper-API to support simpler collision handling and also the newest Box2D library.

If you intend to use the project created by yourself in part 1, you’ll need to update the LevelHelper2-API folder and the Box2d library by taking the latest version from the repository here.

Topics covered in Part 2

• Creating buttons • Changing scenes • Creating ropes that can be cut • Collision handling • Disabling collision contacts • Creating a user guide


Download everything you need for this part of the tutorial:

LevelHelper 2 – The tool we will use throughout the creation of our game.
Xcode – Apple IDE that we will use to compile and build our game.
Game Assets – The image assets we will use in this part of the tutorial.
The Game From Part 1 – The game with the progress from part 1 of the tutorial.

Video chapters

This entire tutorial is available in the video above. For your convenience, I’ve split it into chapters below so that you can access each part with ease at a later time. Click on the links below to access the desired chapter.

Final Words

The entire project for this part of the tutorial can be downloaded from here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and, as always, if you have any questions or need further help, please write on my forum and I’ll do my best to reply ASAP.

This tutorial is also available on

Author: Bogdan Vladu