Test Case: Magento Shopping Cart Rules Import-Export Module

This week we chose one of our favourite components to be examined under the spotlight. “Magento Shopping Cart Rules Import-Export module” is an excellent component from the awesome Maksim Koretsky. I want to highlight a few of the things Maksim has done that helped his component sell, and hopefully you could learn a little bit from his experience:

  1. Solving a real problem.
    Magento is missing a feature that many would love to have – importing and exporting of shopping cart rules. Maksim solves this basic need with his plugin.
  2. The right target audience.
    Building a component for people who use an eCommerce system is a smart move, because they are more likely to to invest money in solving problems that can help them become a more efficient business – as opposed to WordPress users for example, who are most likely not making money off of their website.
  3. Self-promotion. 
    Maksim has leveraged the power of the strong Magento community and made sure to post his component on as well as on the magentocommerce forums, in order to get the most relevant target audience exposed to his component. These strong and relevant links are also helping him get visibility on search engines as well, which is great because whenever someone is looking for a solution for that specific problem, Maksim’s component comes up, and usually seals the deal.
  4. Pricing experiment. 
    Once we noticed the high conversion rates the Magento Shopping Cart Rules Import-Export module components is getting due to the highly targeted traffic from magento forums and search results, we suggested a price bump. After doubling the price we’ve noticed the sales are not slowing down, which means Maksim is now going to make twice the money for the same effort.

We hope you can learn from this post a little about what makes a winning component, and how to market it. Note that not a lot of work went into marketing this component, and no money was invested in it. The key to it’s success is solving a real problem, and making sure to be visible wherever people are looking for the solution, which means targeted traffic.

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Author: Adam Tal

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