What is Multi-Domain Hosting?

When talking about multiple domain hosting, it involves making use of a hosting service that allows you to have several websites addresses. Which is much better than using a single site or single domain hosting. If you seem lost let’s dive into some important definitions you need to know in order to fully understand the concept of multiple domain web hosting.

What is a Web Hosting Service?

This is a service that provides a platform for organizations or individuals to post their website or web pages on the internet. A web hosting serviced provider is the business that provides web hosting with technologies and services that will enable and maintain the website on the internet.

To explain better

A web hosting service act as one that provides a location for your business (website). For instance, if one is into selling goods he/she will need a building to run his/her business. You can’t just have a store in the open with no roof or no right of land. The best option will be to buy a place or rent it which is just like the way web hosting works.

The hosting service comes with several basic add-ons that are necessary for a business website to be visited and store its data. They include:

  • Storage disc space or bandwidth on their server
  • Email address
  • Control panel for management of a website
  • Domain name (if you don’t have one)
  • CMS (advanced users)

There are several types of web hosting services to choose from and your experience improves as you move down the list.  They include:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting
  • Cloud hosting

What is a Domain?

This is the address of your website. It allows users of the internet to visit your website or web pages so they can get direct access to your business information and services. In other words, the website serves as a location for your business, let’s say a convenient store. If a customer wishes to purchase goods from your store, he/she will need to find your store’s location.

The reason for the existence of a domain name is to solve the problem of identifying websites. The internet is large and there are countless websites being made every year. Without a specific domain name for each of them, it will be very hard to identify them.

Each website should, therefore, have a specific address in order to avoid a catastrophic confusion among users when they are trying to visit your website.

Now that we’ve slightly brushed on both web hosting and domain, let’s move straight into multiple domain hosting.

What is Multiple Domain Hosting?

Does your business require you to have more websites? Do you go through the stress of managing several hosting accounts from several hosting services? The multiple domain web hosting service is the best solution to your problems.

Multiple domain web hosting is the service that allows you to have several domain names or several websites addresses all in one single web hosting account plan of a particular web hosting company.

Businesses that are looking to serve different audiences make use of the multiple domain hosting. Having a site with its own domain name for a specific target audience makes it possible to customize key things such as messaging, sales materials and other plans to make their business successful.

Pros and Cons of Multiple Domains

The multiple domains have its good sides and bad sides. And it could be due to the user’s preferential issue or current situation.

For instance, in terms of preference, you may be looking to make your website part of the top ranking in a google search, so you aim to make all your website SEO friendly. This will surely affect your ranking negatively when making use of multiple domains.

It would be better to have one site with all the SEO or else you will have to do more work, spend more money and there will be lots of scheduling for regular content posting and maintenance.

If you are looking to go plain without much SEO then multiple domain hosting plans are the best. It allows you to produce good temporary results and in the long term, you are more inclined to end up building a strong authority website.

The Pros of Multiple Domains

What makes multiple domain sites an advantage?

It allows your single business to been seen by different audiences

In the case of a shoe store owner, you know that there will be shoes of various sizes and styles instead of just one size and style. The reason is that customers have a different preference for size and style. Having a large variety of shoe size and style will enable the shoe store owner to satisfy customers with different preferences. And most importantly it will improve his business profit and popularity to customers.

This analogy goes the same for websites. When using multiple domains hosting plans, you have the ability to satisfy various audiences. A diverse set of messages will be required for each separate specific site. For each of them, you will have to curate content that will satisfy a set of the audience. In the end, it will help a lot in building your site to become an authority website.

Also, the fact that this is an audience specific approach it will help a lot in cultivating links other sites. And that will help a lot in improving search engine ranking.

For instance, a company that provides goods, services, and content for bodybuilders. Each of their sites should have a specific niche under fitness and bodybuilding that will be able to satisfy a set of diverse audience with their own needs. An audience will require supplements from the site, another will want tips on how to do a specific work out.

High turnover

Change of name is common among companies. The reason is so it can be appealing to the audience of an ever-renewing era. There is always something new coming up every time and as the owner of a company that relies on its name to attract customers or suit the partnership with another company, the name change is very important.

This also goes for websites of a company. There is a need for multiple domain hosting services where you can get multiple domain names for each of your websites. It will be a great help in leveraging an established identity or geographical presence.

Your business information can spread to multiple countries and languages

Multiple web hosting does a lot in showcasing your business to other parts of the world with different demographics and language. It could help you satisfy the needs of a certain audience that may really need your services or products.

If you wish to be successful at showcasing your business to the audience from other countries, make the designs and content of the website assigned to a country, match the social and cultural norms of that country. This way, your websites will be more user-friendly to the people based on the location.

It allows the use of Niche website for showcasing business specialization

Multiple domain web hosting gives you the ability to have several niche sites for your company. There is a high possibility of your sites being linked. As each of your company’s niche site have their own topic-specific content, it will make the much more valuable for marketing. And it is good for your goods and services.

The Cons of Multiple Domains

It can damage your ranking

There is literally zero advantages to having multiple sites that showcase the same product or service provided by your business. Sites like these end up being penalized for identical content even though you post them in a different language.

Apart from penalties, there will be other problems like scattered backlinks to your websites or even worse a garnering bad link to your publishing sites. If the latter happens it will lead to the need for intensive technical troubleshooting.

More Expense

For each of the sites, depending on the type of sites, it can be very hard to build and maintain. The reason is that you need both a lot of time and a lot of money.

Loss of authority

If you already have a site with high authority, trying to add to your list of sites in your multiple domain hosting can be very dangerous. You will end having to change the domain, especially if it is not a general domain name like “.com”. This could end up ruining the credibility of your site.

There will be merging issues

If you decide to move your site back into a single one, the migration can become very expensive. On top of that, it has to be done correctly or it could ruin your website, make sure to leave it to a professional for fixing.

It can be hard to find your company

When internet users are looking for your company, they usually type by name. This will cause confusion because there are multiple domain names for your company. Customer will be left in the blue by this if they do not have a specific URL to type in.

Your company/site’s identity could be undermined

Try to avoid splitting your goods and services on different sites, it could end up affecting your company’s power and marketing influence.

Top hosting service that can provide you with multiple domain hosting

  • HostGator
  • InMotion
  • BlueHost


This is one of the popular hosting services on the internet. The offer shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. There is no limit to the space you can acquire and it starts with the shared hosting.

They also allow a max of 25 MySQL connections simultaneously for each panel and that is just on the shared server. If you are looking to use multiple domain hosting services, it is available even in their shared servers.

Other Facts

  • The price for their services per month is $3.95 per month
  • They have tools that are great for beginners such as a free website builder, one-click word press installer and unlimited email addresses.
  • There is a 45-day money back guarantee that allows you to test their services and opt out if you are not satisfied or you have a change of mind.
  • They have great customer services that are available 24/7. You can reach them via live, chat phone call or email.
  • Its load time is 691 ms.

InMotion Hosting

This hosting service comes with several features that are really in the demand. Firstly, an SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth and one free domain on the first use. InMotion has several data centers to choose from in order to improve your web page load time. Compared to other hosting plans, they are unmatched with a 90-days money back policy.

They have a friendly tech-savvy support team that is available 24/7. They are sure to answer you quickly and accurately through various forms of communication like live chat, email address and phone call.

Other facts

  • Free automated data backups
  • You can host 2 websites on their smallest shared plan, which starts at $3.99 / mo
  • They offer shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting
  • Its load time is 982ms


This is one of the largest and most popular web hosting services in the world. It is currently hosting over 2 million websites worldwide. They are part of the word press community which allows them to add the one-click installer for WordPress feature into their service.

As a first-time user, you are entitled to 60% discount on hosting fees, free SSL and one free domain name for a year.

Other facts

  • The offer several types of web hosting services such as shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting.
  • You can have multiple domain names.
  • The price for their services per month is $5.95


So there you have it. All you need to know about multiple domain hosting. You should know by now its definition, the pros & cons of migrating to such web hosting service and a few samples of top web hosting services that can provide you with multiple domain web hosting.

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