Binpress Podcast Episode 2: Jesse Beaumont of ShinobiControls

On the second episode of the Binpress podcast we interview Jesse Beaumont, CEO of ShinobiControls, which makes data components and UI controls (think charts, grids and more) for Android and iOS. We discuss how ShinobiControls was born from a larger firm, the resources a parent company can devote to its offspring and how they tackle user-centered design. In addition, Jesse covers how business users are now expecting consumer-grade experiences from enterprise apps and the importance of involving programmers in the design process.

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Insights in brief

Beaumont believes that enterprise apps that don’t provide an experience as polished as consumer apps are going the way of the dodo. This is especially true in outfits with a “bring your own device” policy since employees have come to expect more from software on their personal hardware. Of course, ShinobiControls is here to help companies make the transition to high-caliber apps smoothly, particularly with their consulting and custom development work.

When it comes to consulting, ShinobiControls takes a holistic approach. Rather than keep developers in a silo away from UX decisions, it challenges its devs to tackle design as well. This wasn’t second nature for developers at first, but the team’s interest in design concepts has grown since.

The team places a great emphasis in user-oriented design as well. They coordinate an in-person powwow with their clients to hash out the structure and design of the app in question before diving into development.

Show notes

Author: Alexis Santos

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