Ultimate Guide to Starting a Video Production Company Website

As a filmmaker or a video business owner, you need to own a website. If your video production business isn’t still available online, then you are likely to be missing an opportunity to reach wider audiences and thus making your personal brand more recognizable. As a filmmaker, you need to own a website in order to showcase your projects and attract more customers to your works.

One of the most common issues that I noticed while communicating with creative professionals is the lack of knowledge on how to build a film production website, grow their businesses, and present their works in the most catching style.

Top Reasons to Start a Video Production Company Website

In addition to gaining a wider public recognition, owing a website delivers a bunch of other benefits to filmmakers and video production companies. Let’s enumerate the strongest points.

  • First of all, your video production company website is a place where you can reveal your works as a freelancer. If you are looking forward to being employed, a web page is the main place to get in touch with your future employer. By means of a working contact form or easy-to-reach social media icons, you provide people with a chance to get in touch with you as they simply make a few mouse clicks.
  • Your video production company website is a basic portfolio of your works.
  • This is a place where you can demonstrate your personality. There are plenty of ways to achieve this. First of all, you can create a detailed About page that tells your own story. Also, you can enhance your video production website with a blog. With its help, you can not only share your thoughts and ideas with the audience but also keep your audience updates on the latest news and innovations in the video production industry.
  • A website for a video production business works as a funnel system for catching prospects from a number of online and offline resources.

How to Set Up a Video Production Website

Setting up a video production company website is easier than you might think. The possibilities delivered by the modern-day web allow you to create a professional online project without any special design or coding skills. Leaping ahead, there are a number of media web templates that can be used as a foundation of your video production company website. All that you need to do is to apply the necessary changes to their ready-made layouts, upload pages with your content and settings, and get your project online.

Still, before your website is made accessible to the web audience, you need to select a domain name, choose a web host, choose a CMS, etc. So, let’s put first things first.

  • Domain name registration. At this stage, you need to select a name for your business. A domain name is a website address that a user types to find it on the Internet. As a rule, the choice of a domain name is mainly dictated by the name of your company. This excludes the possibility of a web user to reach a different video production company website rather than yours. If the domain name is already taken, then you may try adding your industry name or a specific kind of services that you deliver.
  • Select a reliable hosting provider. There are plenty of great solutions available today, so you can select one that meets your budget and offers features that will suit your own business.
  • Decide on the CMS that will be used as a foundation of your site. It’s up to you to decide what CMS to select. The choice should be grounded on the content that you’d like to share with your audience and the purposes that you set for your online venture. Also, it’s important to decide whether you will build your site on your own or hire a web design studio for the given purpose. Creating a website without any extra help is made easier with drag-and-drop page builders like those ones that are integrated into MotoCMS themes.
  • Choose a web design for your video production company website. Is that a minimalist style that you want to deliver to your site’s pages? Do you want to opt for anything more extraordinary? The choice of design for your video production company website is mainly focused on your personal preferences and your brand identity. Keep in mind the contemporary web trends and make your site appealing even to the most demanding customers.
  • Create pages for About, Contact, Blog, Portfolio, Shop, and other purposes.
  • Write your first post. There should be both pages and posts on every quality website. When it comes to the launch of a video production company website, then running a prominent blog is the must-have factor. By means of the frequently updated blog, you can demonstrate what your website is up to and what kind of value you can bring to your potential clients and their projects.

Build a Striking Homepage

A homepage of your site is the first place where a person will land. So, the first impression matters. Presenting your site’s data in a clear and concise language welcomes web users for a deeper investigation of your content. The ease of your site’s navigation is important as well. Your first-time visitors shouldn’t feel confused when they try to find the necessary pieces of data. A simple menu featuring no more than 5 navigation items and advanced live search carefully direct uses to the pieces of content where they want to go. Cluttered web pages with clumsy navigation patterns are the major reasons while people leave for the websites of their competitors.

Make It Easy to Get in Touch with You

Your contact details should be presented in the easy-to-reach style. As a rule, organizing all contact details on the contact page is the best way to provide users with the choice of channels to reach you out in person. A contact page needs to contain clear details about your working hours, your email address, phone number, Skype name, etc. It’s a great benefit if there will be a built-in contact form on your site.

Stunning Portfolio

A portfolio of your works is the first and foremost reason why reach your video production company website. That is so important for a filmmaker to have prominent YouTube and Vimeo video accounts to showcase your projects. In order to keep your site’s loading speeds on the maximum level, embed videos from your YouTube and Vimeo channels instead of loading it on your server. You can organize such content on a separate portfolio page or showcase your works in your posts or galleries on different page of your site.

Reveal Customer Testimonials

It’s likely that you won’t need such page type from the beginning. Still, as the number of your projects continues to grow, you will start getting your first testimonials from happy customers. Adding them to your site is a great way to boost the reputation of your personal brand.

There is no special science on how to display customer testimonials on your site. Ideally, there is a lovely picture of a client (of course, you should ask for a client’s permission before including a picture on your site) and a few lines of text revealing their reflections of working with you.

Place Social Icons Everywhere

We live in the age when social media is everywhere. We share our thought through Instagram stories, watch videos on Facebook, look through Twitter news feed, etc. So, you need to have social media icons on lots of places of your website. Providing your customers with a chance to share their preferred pieces of data with just a single click boosts your site’s usability yet providing you with extra channels to grow your brand’s recognition.

Video Production Company Website Templates

A ready-made theme is the best and quickest way to create a video production company website. You can find 5 responsive and fully editable web themes listed below. One of the best things about them is the availability of a built-in drag-and-drop page builder, which allows you to create usable and fully personalized web page code-free.

Video Lord Video Production Company Website

Flash TV Channel Website Design

Video Grapgh Video Gallery Web Design

Mark Kleiman Film Production Company Website

Video Content Production Company Web Template

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