100 Startup Business Ideas That Can Make You Money

There is a lot to be said for working for yourself. Even those who are lucky to have a job that they enjoy still have to deal with working for somebody else, and doing things their way.

It can be very rewarding though to be your own boss. You are then the one in control, you work the hours you chose or need to, it can be more flexible, more fulfilling and more exciting.

But even before you ask me about startup business ideas for you to explore be prepared for the reality.

As well as having a lot of benefits there is often more work when you start out, success will take commitment and there is some risk involved.

If you are still wanting ideas to make money with your own business, I have put together a list of 100 popular options.

Some are online based only, some are more physical, some are about selling things online, and some are a mix of physical and online opportunities.

Some you can get started on straight away and others may need some training or certification first.

So whether you are looking to supplement your income, start a new career or are starting something new after retirement take a look at these 100 startup business ideas that can make you money.

There should be something here for most people whatever skills or interests you have!

Online Start-up Business Ideas (other than product sales)

1. Trading domain names

For some it may be confusing how buying and selling domain names can make any kind of real money but just let this sink in for a moment. The domain name made its seller $16 million.

And that was nearly a decade ago, the demand for certain names is even better now. Not every domain name is going to make millions of course. But you would need to look at domain names that businesses will want, buy them for low amounts, and sell them to make a profit.

After some time trading you will get a feel for what makes a good name and you can then start to make larger sums of money. Key to be a success is understanding keyword optimization and SEO, and finding names that people will remember.

2. Buying websites

Similar to domain name buying and selling you can also buy websites and then sell them on for a profit. There are different reasons why certain sites sell especially well.

One is again the memorable domain names but then also those with high traffic and high popularity are valuable too.

You do need to understand the market in order to do well but with some study and experience it can be a good earner. It is much like a fixer upper home, you buy it low, make improvements and sell it for a profit.

3. Running your own WordPress website

A simple website like a WordPress site is an opportunity to make money without then selling it on. As well as using it as an e-commerce site you can also run ads, gets sponsorships and so on.

You can use your site to test products and review them. To get companies on board you can contact them or create a profile on certain freelancing websites.

The more traffic or readers you have the more chance you are of getting the attention of the bigger names.

4. Coaching online

Another opportunity to make some money on online is to do some coaching or fitness training. There are several ways to go about this, start an actual business and have an online presence, start a You Tube channel, have a website or blog and reach out to people.

If you have a passion for health and fitness you can create tutorials and reach out to people. You can then offer to become a personal trainer or coach online or in person.

Be careful though not to promise things you cannot help people achieve. This might get you a reputation that drives away traffic rather than attracts it.

Once you start having some success there are then ways to expand. Create a brand and sell items, write ebooks to offer your knowledge and sell them, build up your client list.

5. Become a personal online virtual assistant

There are a lot of roles today that were once just physical jobs but are now looked for online as well and one of them is a personal assistant.

This is a good way to make money from home, especially if you are an organized person with a good eye for details and able to multitask. There are a number of benefits to be a virtual assistant;

  1. Make contacts to further your career
  2. Create your own schedule and working hours
  3. Flexibility of working from home
  4. Choose who you work for
  5. Choose your hourly rate

Your tasks will include things like booking meetings, answering emails, creating presentations, organizing calendars and schedules, making calls and answering the phone.

There are several places you can find such work online. Look at platforms like Jobspresso or Upwork.

6. Teaching English online

If English is your native language or you are bilingual and are very good in English you could take that and teach it as a foreign language online. People will pay up to $50 a lesson for expert teachers and you can do it from home.

Once you have reached a certain level of success you could consider actually turning it into a proper business and possibly even hiring people to teach to expand further.

Of course to be good at this job it is not enough just to be good at English. You will need to be good at explaining, know how to make lesson plans and assess your students accurately so you know what their needs are.

Sometimes it can be hard to explain things when there is a language barrier and different cultures to cross.

7. Run courses

You are not the only person wanting to take advantage of the convenience of working or studying from home. If you have skills or knowledge that you can turn into online training that is something you can turn into a startup business idea.

You can offer people the opportunity to learn from the convenience of home at their own pace. There are a number of platforms you can use to teach courses from such as Skillshare. Of course you yourself can take some courses too, the better skill and knowledge you have, the more able you are to turn it into an income.

8. Online music teacher

Some people are able to turn a passion or art into their profession. One of the 100 startup business ideas I have for you is turning a talent for an instrument or singing or music writing into an online money maker.

You could have some options for traveling or keep it completely online over video chat. Top level music lessons can be around $200 per session! You are likely to get a variety of ages wanting to be tutored, from children learning the violin to adults wanting to play a guitar! Plus you get to teach when you want to, or need to, and then get creative in between.

9. Tutoring

A lot of students are looking for a tutor in all kinds of different subjects, if you have knowledge in one of those, even if you do not have teaching experience, you could become a tutor. You can have people come around physically but you can also today tutor online.

Easier to find people that need your help whether it’s with a subject they are finding hard, or giving exam tips, or essay writing help. Both children, teenagers and adults are looking for help and you could charge money to give it to them. There is a need for tutors in all kinds of subjects, such as Math, English, French and other languages, Sciences and more.

10. Life coaching

Another way you can help others online is to offer skills in mentoring or life coaching. Set up yourself online and find people looking for guidance whether it be in their career, lives or relationships.

It takes no money to get it started. You could really help someone focus on what is important and reach for a better life.

11. Meditation and or Yoga instructing

Nowadays yoga and meditation is a very popular thing people do, it is certainly not just for the hippies anymore! Businesses even have mediation session or yoga sessions on certain days to help their employees stay healthy mentally especially in stressful roles.

You do not have to physically go to class for this, you can start a website and run online sessions. You can also sell clothing, exercise mats and other gear to go along with your sessions and add to your income.

12. Business consulting

If your experience is corporate work but you are getting out, something you could turn this too is consultation work. You can start out offering your service to those getting into the corporate world and then build up from there.

Start a website of your own or if you are not at that stage yet look to platforms online like Coach Me or The Muse where people are looking for mentorship.

You will need to have;

  • Proper credentials that people will see give you expertise
  • Experience in business whether it be marketing, HR, strategies, finance or public relations for example
  • Templates you can customize for customers
  • Packages to offer

13. SEO consultant

While some business do understand there is a lot of opportunity online for marketing, they do not understand SEO and how to use it. If you do understand it and have skills with it there are online businesses that would greatly benefit from you consulting with them. There is tough competition to be on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

A good idea to start out is to work with smaller clients and then work on building up experience and better skill. Work on their site keyword density, meta descriptions, better titles, categories and tags and image captions. You can create a good income from it once you get some work done. Then you can expand.

14. Sustainability consultant

Nowadays more people are aware of their impact on the world around them. Many are bringing their desire for Eco friendly options into their businesses. They are therefore looking for someone to consult with on how they can put greener practices into place.

Most would prefer it not to cost them too much extra money to do so either! If you have experience in the field you have something to offer these companies and could turn it into a business.

15. Online dating consultant

As you can see using your expertise or skills to other consultation to others who need it and will pay for it is a common startup business idea.

With this one if you are good with people, love to be a matchmaker and help others find a special someone, perhaps you could become an online dating consultant.

You would be doing things like managing dating sites, helping to write profiles for people, making phone calls to give updates and advice.

16. Internet security consultant

Security is a big concern for people relying so heavily on the internet especially for companies with important, private data.

There is a big problem with data thefts, hacking, viruses and such and if you have the experience you could make money offering businesses security and advice on how to properly store sensitive information.

17. Travel consultant

Another startup business idea that comes in the form of consulting is to be a travel consultant. If you have a passion for travel, have done a lot of it whether for business or for pleasure, you have a wealth of knowledge you could share with others for a consulting fee.

You could start something like a travel blog and offer consultation as part of that. There are a number of ways you can help,

  • Booking flights
  • Creating itineraries
  • Plan packages
  • Where to stay
  • Car rentals
  • Tours
  • Where to eat

For people who are too busy to get into the details of their travel you can step in and do it all for them.

18. Project and event planner

This business option can be online based or can be a mix of on location too. The majority of the work when it comes to planning events can be done from home or wherever you want to work from.

The planning, phone calls and such can be done there and then when you have to meet people do so at lunch, cafes, restaurants and such, or go to them. For planners in high demand the more well off will pay for travel expenses to send you somewhere in person if they want you somewhere.

19. Get into graphic design

There is no doubt about it, the demand for graphic designers today is higher than it ever has been. If you have skills and experience in this field you really could just sign up to a platform today like Upwork or Fiverr and find work.

With experience of design platforms like Sketch, Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator you could be creating things like;

  • Logos
  • Design campaigns
  • Packaging
  • Banners
  • Fliers
  • Magazines
  • Letters/Newsletters
  • Adverts
  • Fact sheets

If you have the desire but not the skill take the time to get the knowledge you need. Sign up for a course or two to invest in your new startup business idea.

20. UI and UX Specialist

UI stands for User Interface and UX for User Experience. There are people who specialize on building a brand or company front to appeal to customers based on consumer psychology from how they engage with apps and websites.

Experience really counts in this work so take even jobs that are small and build up your work portfolio.

21. Designing and creating presentations

There are a whole lot of people looking for PowerPoint presentations to be designed and created for them. If you have skills in this area this could be a way for you to earn money.

As well as Microsoft Office there are other types of presentation formats to learn too, like Prezi or Pechakucha and that will attract more customers.

22. Web development

Of course web development is another highly valued area and those with skills in it are sought after. It is not a simple skill to acquire though, you will need to master things like Ruby, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Python and start small to get your portfolio built up.

The fact is the world now is as much digital as anything. Any skills for web development will mean you could likely have work for as long as you want. Start smaller with website building platforms and then expand from there.

23. App development

There is almost an app for anything nowadays. People are never without their phones or devices and have multiple apps on them from dating to games and a whole lot of other things besides.

If you look on the iOS store right now there are 2 million apps to look at, for Android there are over a million. Some are very useful and are becoming a part of everyday life, some are far more specialized and some will soon be forgotten.

If you have the skills for app development and have an idea for a new app you could be ready to make good money if it becomes successful.

There is a lot of work, coding, testing, developing, launching, you need to have yours stand out. Once you have had success with one you are more likely to have support for another.

24. Working as a journalist online

For people who perhaps already have a degree in journalism or communication but doe not want to work in more traditional roles at a paper or broadcaster, there is the option of online reporting.

There are some companies that have both an online media presence as well as others, and you could try working for them. You could also try creating your own news, via social media, YouTube or blogging for example and sell your stories or get income from ads.

25. Desktop publishing

As well as being a journalist you can also become a desktop publisher. Instead of writing you would use publishing software to develop things like books, newsletters, marketing materials and magazines.

Of course you could do the writing yourself too, or have writers working for you.

26. Be a blogger

It is still a surprise to some people that becoming a blogger can anyone an income, but the fact is the top bloggers are also the ones earning some of the best online incomes.

You can blog about anything you are passionate about but if you are not a great writer you should first get some skills by taking a writing course or two. To be successful you will need to;

  • Be a good writer
  • Have fresh and interesting ideas
  • Write about what people want to read
  • Connect with your readers
  • Have an engaging and unique style

When you have a good amount of traffic you can make money from a number of ways, affiliate marketing, social media, sponsorship, sales and so on.

27. Podcasting

Another means for talking about something you are passionate about is Podcasting. You can talk about whatever you want, health, travel, food, people and answer questions from people.

Choose topics that are very specific and use your Podcasts to reach people and make money. As with a blog that comes from sponsorships, ads and such.

28. Your own YouTube Channel

One of big successes in the last decade out of my list of startup business ideas is to create your own YouTube channel. You can reach millions of viewers if you create something people want to see. Every month around 3.25 billion hours of video is being watched around the world. Every minute around 300 hours has been uploaded to YouTube!

There are a billion YouTube users and yet not many businesses have their channel for marketing. In fact the figure is estimated in the US to be under 10%! That is a lot of marketing opportunities being missed out on. Since YouTube is a Google owned video platform it means it does better in SEO rankings too. Get creative, start out small and build from there.

29. Affiliate marketing and sales

If you are running any kind of website, whether it is a blog or something else, or have a Podcast or a YouTube Channel you can earn a revenue from affiliate marketing and sales. There are networks you can join such as ShareASale or Clickbank.

Essentially as well as saying what you want on your site you can also have ads on it to sell items, you can promote products and earn a small commission. The more successful and higher traffic your site has the better.

30. Investing for other people

It is quite possible to earn an income from taking over people’s money and making successful investments. If you have investment experience and have a credible certification like being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) you can offer advice and consult with others on fund management and investment.

You can earn money from charging fees for you advice as well as the commission from the profit made off the investments. You may start off small and with small investments, but can build up a good reputation and grow as a result.

31. Customer service

There are some companies that are wanting to outsource their customer service needs online. Platforms where you can find such work include Jobspresso and Upwork. It requires people to have;

  • Patience
  • Experience
  • Management skills
  • Be good with people

If you are successful enough at this you can turn it into a business yourself and hire people to work for you and take on clients with larger and more complex needs.

32. Keeping accounts and books

Another startup business idea is to become a book keeper or accountant and work for companies online. It is actually one of the most commonly outsourced tasks.

Not all companies have a department for this and it can work out cheaper for them. If you have a background in bookkeeping and accounting and finance you could earn money freelancing, rather than for one larger company.

While having certification is not a requirement, something like being a Certified Public Accountant may mean it is easier for you to find work. You would be doing things like providing statements of income, creating balance sheets and writing financial reports, monthly, quarterly and annually.

33. Writing resumes

One of the biggest chores of finding a job is the resume writing. There is a skill to writing a good resume and not everyone has it. If you are good at this, there are definitely people who will pay you to write for them!

It costs nothing to get started and as you get more experience and get better at it you will be surprised at the rate per hour you can earn.

34. Take surveys

This option for startup business ideas may not earn you a whole lot of income but it can make you money if you sign up to several sites. Most surveys do not take much time to do and you could be earning more than you think once you get going. Popular survey platforms you can use are;

  • Global Test Market
  • MySurveys
  • Harris Poll
  • InboxDollars
  • EarningStation

35. Social media page manager

Most online companies also have social media accounts with the main ones being Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. If you are experienced with all of these platforms and are good with words you could offer your services as a social media page manager.

You would basically handle their online social media image and get paid to do so. There is a huge client base and there is likely to be work in this field for many years to come.

36. Marketing influencer on Instagram

Another role you can get paid for with social media is using a large number of followers and using something like Instagram to influence them for companies.

If a business likes your image and what you have to say, and the number of followers you have, they can offer anything from $50 up to several thousand for one post that positively influences followers for their brand or product.

37. Doing voice overs

This can be done online or it may require you to go to where you are needed. Some people have great voices that others love to listen to.

If you are lucky enough to have a voice or accent that is popular with people you could make money off it. You might be a voice over in an ad, be used in animations or help to make educational material.

38. Translator

This is not something just anyone can do as of course it requires you to have two or more languages. If you have that, especially if proficient English is one of those languages you could start a business with translating.

At first it might be translating written work but it could evolve into a range of things depending on what you want from the business.

You will need to be good with people too, have patience, an eye for detail and be committed.

There is no money needed from you to get started and as you grow you could then hire others to join your team. Translators can often be earning $40,000 or more a year.

39. Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading is all about being good at reading things and spotting the mistakes whether it be grammatically, spelling, punctuation and such. You can get your business started with no money needed and there are clients everywhere that need work edited.

You could even consider expanding from just proofreading eventually once you have a good number of clients and experience into areas like;

  • Copywriting
  • Book writing
  • Article writing
  • Re-writing
  • Web content writing
  • Article writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Indexing

40. Become a copywriter

Copywriting involves creating written content for a website owner in various forms such as banners, descriptions, blog posts, FAQs or landing pages.

While you are not likely to earn huge bucks from this opportunity you can earn a steady income. If you are able to take on a group of writers you can expand how many clients you can take on too.

41. Be a ghostwriter

Another writing business opportunity is to become a ghostwriter. If you have not heard of that before a ghostwriter basically does the work of writing something, but they do not get the credit for the work, the person you work for takes that.

There are a lot of writers that work as ghostwriters for clients, some are well known too. You get paid a good income on the understanding you do not get the credit. It is something that has gone on for many years, this is not a new career but the internet means there are more clients to be reached.

You might for example write a book, a speech, a blog post, a report, or a journal entry.

42. Menu Planner

Menu planning is not something only a chef can undertake. If you have a passion for food, catering and menu planning you could turn that into a way to make money. Places like corporate events, weddings, event spaces and so on often hire someone to plan a menu for them.

If you have some kind of work experience in the industry or have a successful food blog you are more likely to be hired.

You would be surprised about who might hire you, even some restaurants need help with it, being unsure about creating the right balance, or certain diet restrictions. Things you might take on include;

  • Creating ingredient lists
  • Budgeting for meal plans
  • Creating a plan and explaining the nutritional value of the foods
  • Educating customers about foods
  • Creating recipes that are easy to follow
  • Creating a menu that meets different dietary needs

Online Start-up Business Ideas – products and ecommerce

43. Seller or assistant on eBay

Basically you are selling something for someone else. It is like doing affiliate marketing but rather than advertising you are selling directly but still earning a commission on each sale. There are some things to watch out for when doing this kind of work though.

There are a lot of scam artists so it is a good idea to make sure you do not tell anyone your banking details, report anything suspicious, use your e-wallet to keep payments until parcels are confirmed as arrived and get to know your distributors.

44. Seller on Amazon

On Amazon a huge number of sellers are third parties looking to buy cheap and sell on for a profit. You could easily do this too, it does not require any particular skills or knowledge.

Just get to know what the current buying trends are, find products that meet that need for cheap and sell them for a profit.

You can sell all over the world, your store never closes even when you are away from the computer and you can market on other platforms like social media sites and Google.

45. Making custom made furniture

There is a big drive amongst consumers today to have quality items that are hand crafted. For example if you are good with wood you could turn that into something that can make you money.

You could make what you want and then sell them online, or you could have a website where people can make custom orders from you.

Large furniture can have big prices and people really appreciate that personalized craftsmanship over the mass made furniture everyone else gets from your big chains like Ikea.

46. Make your own jewelry

Another start up business idea if you are crafty is to make your own jewelry to sell. There are great platforms like Etsy where people are able to create store fronts and sell their products.

You can find really simple and cheap things there but also more detailed and expensive items, so you can join the market wherever your skill level dictates and then up your prices as you develop new ones.

This is definitely a market that is still growing and there are all kinds of niches to be found that you could earn from.

47. Making customized t-shirts and clothing

There are so many opportunities for startup business ideas and another is to customize t-shirts, and / or clothing. You can create a store online and use other platforms too and if you want could also create a physical store should you have success and want that kind of expansion.

People love t-shirts but today more are wanting something more person and customized on them. There are a whole bunch of things you can offer;

  • Pop culture references
  • Seasonal prints
  • Custom made with corporate logos
  • Family pictures

Just make sure your clothing is of decent quality, the deigns are clean looking and you create a brand for you work.

48. Sell novelty socks

Now I am not saying you are going to get rich quick selling novelty socks but the fact is this is an item that sells well all year round, but especially around the holidays. Its a great stocking filler, joke gift and good for all ages and genders.

You do need to ensure it is a good quality and comfortable to wear. You can have a whole load of different styles and colors. People can get regular socks from anywhere, but those perfect novelty socks you still have to look for. There is room in the market for another store.

49. Sell shapewear

Shapewear is becoming a big industry so is definitely worth considering investing in to get your own business going. There are a variety of styles, some are like lingerie, some go under clothing, some over it.

Be sure to have a good selection to meet your customer’s needs. People, women especially, are looking to create a shape with their clothing that they feel happier with.

50. Photography

If you are good at taking pictures, whether it is something you have trained in, or something you have picked up as a hobby, this could be a money maker too. You can sell good photographs online using places like Unsplash, Shutterstock and iStockPhoto.

Or you can create your own photography website where you can create a portfolio of work. As well as selling prints online you could get yourself photography shoots people pay you to do like family shots, weddings and such.

51. Make your own decorations to sell

Seasonal handmade decorations are in high demand so if you have skill with this and an arty side this could be a perfect opportunity for you to make some money. Remember holidays does not just mean Christmas.

Around the world there are a large range of holidays to be celebrated. You can choose your favorites and ones that best suit your talents and create some decorations that people will pay for and treasure! A few more obvious holiday themes include;

  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Chinese New Year
  • St Patrick’s day
  • Valentine’s day
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Diwali

You will soon find seasonal does not mean there will be periods where you have no work!

52. Selling homemade soaps

Another area of handcrafted items that sell well are soaps. There are some many different ingredients and scents you can put into soaps to make them individual and special. You may want to consider if you also want to offer an organic section or a sensitive skin section at some point to reach a larger market.

There are tutorials online to follow if you do not know how but are interested in having a go. While it does take some initial investment for the kit and the ingredients for the soaps it is not a huge cost.

As you become more successful you can update with things like gift packages, different packaging and perhaps additional products.

53. Essential oils, aromatherapy and diffusers

Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years thought to have a variety of health benefits as well as being linked to cultural and religious purposes. Tea tree oil is used for the skin for example.

Peppermint oil is used for digestive issues. If you need to relax lavender oil is a good choice. Diffusers are a way to diffuse or deliver the oils. When people cannot get to a spa, they can create a spa like treatment at home.

More people today too are looking for alternatives to western medicine. Selling oils and diffusers gives you an opportunity to create your own mixes and scents.

You can sell both candle and electric diffusers and connect with your customers. Find out what they want and offer it to them.

54. Selling charcoal beauty items

A very popular beauty trend at the moment are charcoal beauty products. You can find them online and in actual stores. The idea is that activated charcoal in these items gives them some added benefits such as;

  • In toothpaste it boosts the whitening properties
  • In peel off masks and face washes it purifies

These are one of the top bestselling beauty products online so it makes sense to be a part of that. These items are easy to store and to ship too.

55. Smart drugs also called Nootropics

Smart drugs or Nootropics are a popular drug to buy online as it helps you to study essentially though people other than students can use them too. They help you think more clearly and to have better focus.

Be careful though as this is a market that is currently not regulated right now. Be sure to do your homework before you start selling drugs online.

56. Cupcake and Cookie sales

The popularity of cupcake bakeries and cookie bakeries has really taken off in the last 5 years or so. You do not have to invest in a store to be able to do this. You do not have to have gone to a chef school.

There are many successful baking businesses who work from their home kitchen. As you become more popular you can upgrade your equipment and get some fancier packaging. Create a website so they know how to reach you and where you can show off your skills.

57. Ketogenic diet food

Food fads come and go on a regular basis but one of the ones that has stuck around and seems to be becoming more popular is the Ketogenic diet. This is where the follower eats a diet that is high fat and high protein, and extremely low carbohydrate based.

The idea is this balance pushes the body to burn its fat stores rather than its carb ones. It does have some medical backing and there is a niche for consumers following the diet to find foods, recipes, meal plans and such that works for them. That is where you step in with what they need for a price.

58. Vegan foods

Being a vegan is not a food trend, at least not for those who are committed to it. This is a way of life for people and it takes effort. Between inaccurately labeled items at the grocery store to restaurants and the problem of cross contamination, then finding decent alternatives, vegans have plenty of needs someone like you could step in to help with.

Whether it is creating a new brand of meat substitute, creating recipes or focusing on vegan desserts.

59. Protein powders/macro-nutrient powders

As people’s interests have shifted to wellbeing, health and a better diet along with regular exercise, some are looking at products to support that. Some are in the form of macro nutrient powders and protein powders.

More brands are developing things like protein powders which once more popular just in the body building world, are now becoming more mainstream. You can also now get pre-workout powders as well as post. There is certainly room in the market for you to invest and sell.

60. Backpacks

Another of my startup business ideas is to get into the market of selling backpacks. These used to be something just students and backpackers used, but now are more popular and people often use a backpack to work, for shopping, deliveries and more.

There are a great range of styles and sizes depending on what the customer wants to use their backpack for.

There have been some interesting design improvements and utility developments. There are;

  • Anti-theft designs
  • Battery charging capabilities
  • Systems for tracking

August is still going to be a peak sales time for you, for those back to school back packs, but the market is a lot more varied and year round than that now.

Stock up thinking about the types of people and what they want, backpacks for travelers, for urban workers, for geeks, for students, for older people as well as the young.

61. Accessories for phones

The smartphone has boomed on the market which means there is a huge demand too for smartphone accessories. You could set up an online store or sell on one of the larger platforms.

You can sell things like cases, chargers, USB wires, earphones, screen protectors to name just a few. As they keep updating smartphones there will be new accessories to keep in stock.

You will have to get clever with how to stand out from the competition though, as there are a lot of other stores selling the same things.

62. Key GPS trackers

There are so many useful gadgets on the market nowadays that it can be hard to know which are worth dipping into. One popular little gem is the Tile GPS key tracker.

You can use it via Bluetooth to find whatever you have attached it to. Commonly people misplace their keys so it is known as a key tracker. You could though market it for other purposes, to find your wallet, purse, and so on.

63. 3D Printing

Another modern era opportunity is that of 3D printing. This is something that no-one would even have believed possible just a few years ago.

But now the technology is here and it will not take too long for it to become mainstream. Make sure you keep on top of its advances and you could be one of the earliest 3D printer businesses.

64. Enamel pins

Back to a less technological trend in sales, but still one that can earn you an acceptable income. Enamel pins have been something people buy and collect for decades now, but its popularity wanes and grows.

Right now it is growing once more. Pins can be designed to how a customer wants them and can be used to make a statement or just as a decorative piece on a jacket or bag or such. Companies can also use them with their name or logo on them.

65. Home security

Good home security is a large industry as people’s demand for the latest in technology and protection grows. Doorbells connected to mobile phones, security cameras you can access remotely, biometrics even are all the latest innovations people are looking for.

As people become more concerned with their safety in a world that seems to be growing in violence you have an opportunity to sell them a product that can keep them safe.

This is not a simple business to start, you will need to learn about the latest trends, do research on the technology and understand it for when questions arise. You will also of course have to invest in stock.

66. Drones

In recent years drones have become a hugely popular purchase by people who love new tech and gadgets. They are not just something used by the government anymore. The technology continues to develop too, so those with the money are always wanting the latest toy.

People are finding some amazing things to do with them, photography, under water drones, perhaps you can think of the next development. Or if developing the tech is not your thing you could invest in the product and sell it.

67. Selling night masks

Back to something a lot less geeky but a popular trend on the market if you are looking to sell a product are night masks. The industry of skincare is a huge one.

Billions and billions are spent around the world on things that can keep you looking younger and fresher. Night masks are worn at night and are a great way consumer can work on the eyes especially while they are sleeping.

68. Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes have seen a huge boom in recent years though the concept is not a new one. It refers to a product being sent in boxes over a certain period of time that people subscribe to.

For example popular food ones will deliver some recipes and the ingredients for the meals.

Food ones are especially doing well at the moment but can you take the concept and come up with a niche you think will be successful.

Physical Start-up Business Ideas

69. Evaluating real estate

While you do not need a specific degree for this avenue of work there is probably a form of certification you need to operate so check the rules where you live.

A small investment in that along with some time spent learning about the market and you could make a good living.

70. Courier

Especially in cities and towns, people and businesses use couriers a lot to get items and mail around on the same day.

There is some flexibility in the hours you work and if you are good at meeting the deadlines for pickups and drop offs you can also charge a good hourly rate.

71. Personal chef

In the busy world we live in today, it is quite a popular thing to have a personal chef on staff for when it is needed. For people with less money they might like the option of hiring a personal chef for special occasions. If you are a great cook and have a passion for food this is somewhere you could earn. Being a personal chef could include;

  • Creating meal plans based on requirements and special dietary needs such as Vegans, lactose free, gluten free, vegetarians.
  • Working for one person as a private chef
  • Working at party events cooking in people’s kitchens
  • Creating new recipes

72. Cleaning

An easy to get going startup business idea is offering a cleaning service. With some simple equipment you can offer your services and charge a little more since you are using your own equipment, or you can turn up and use their products and charge a little less.

There are a variety of clients you can reach out to, shops and offices after hours, homes and apartments, hotels and so on.

73. Packing service

Another service you can offer to complete for people and be paid for is packing. Let’s face it, moving is a lot of stress and work. People are happy to find someone to do all the packing for them and pay them.

You can also be paid to move the items from one place to another or you may just do the packing on its own. While they go out and get on with other things you can get the boxes and pack their belongings.

Just make sure you do it well, if things arrive broken and not well packed, they are unlikely to use you again or recommend you.

74. Laundry service

Offering to do laundry for others is another easy business to start up. You can start small and build it up. Start home based and it does not need a lot of money laid down or a lot of skill.

Just check to see if you need a license to do this in your home, some places ask for it and some do not. Set up a website and market your service and find ways to spread the word locally too.

75. Caregiver

Being a caregiver takes a certain kind of person, you will need to be patient, kind, committed and you will need some certifications and training.

If you set up your business doing it rather than going to work in a home of some kind you can set your own hours, rates and choose your own clients. Tasks you can expect to have to deal with include:

  • Shopping for them
  • Doing their housework
  • Cooking for them
  • Washing their clothes
  • Changing beds
  • Taking them on outings
  • Helping then wash and get dressed
  • Possibly even feeding them
  • Helping them keep appointments
  • Giving them companionship

76. Bed and Breakfast or a landlord

If you have some rooms free in your home you have a couple of options to make money from them. The first and easier way is to rent them out and become a landlord though you will need to create a rental agreement and it can be difficult if you have bad tenants.

The other thing is to turn them into nice rooms and create a breakfast area and start a bed and breakfast business. That can be hard work and is often longer hours than some realize. If you live in a popular tourist destination though it could be easier than you think to get people to come. You could also advertise your place on somewhere like Airbnb.

77. Delivering groceries

Nowadays there is a lot of call for services that make things easier and more convenient for the purchaser. In the case of your food shop that means home deliveries. A lot of larger chains offer their own delivery service but prices can be high and sometimes there are issues with the condition the goods arrive in.

If you own a car you could turn it into a grocery delivery business. If there is demand for it you could extend what you offer into running errands and such.

78. Gardener and lawn care

If you have a passion for gardening and a talent for plant care perhaps you could turn this into a startup business where you offer garden or yard care all year long. Depending on the season depends on what you offer to do for them but jobs can include;

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Weeding
  • Planting
  • Raking
  • Farming vegetables and herbs
  • Trimming shrubs
  • Removing snow

79. Babysitter

Babysitting does not have to be just for teens looking for a bit of pocket money. A lot of parents need sitters for all kinds of reasons and if you have experience with children you could earn a good income taking care of them. You can charge more if get some certification, licenses and things like first aid training.

80. Childproofing

Now I know this may sound like an odd one, but childproofing does not come naturally to some parents. They will pay someone who knows what they are doing for the sake of their children’s safety.

You will need to have experience with it so you know this means things like sharp corners, gates for stairs, looking out for raised carpeting and rugs and much more. There may be regulations for such a business where you live so check that out.

81. Personal driver/ Uber driver / Taxi driver

If you live in a city or town there is a big demand for drivers. You could become a personal driver to one person, become a taxi driver or become an Uber driver.

You will be able to work as you want to, there is no real boss giving you orders and you may get to meet some interesting people along the way. You can make a decent income you will just need;

  • To pass a background check
  • Have a car in decent working order
  • Have 3 years or more driving experience
  • Be older than 21
  • Have a smartphone
  • Have nothing on your driving record

82. Makeup service or hair dresser

A lot of people would like to have someone come and do their hair and/or makeup for them in their homes, rather than having to get to a salon. If you have talent and training in either or both this is a good startup business idea.

There are regulations if you open a home salon so make sure you comply with what those might be. You can offer to do things like nails, makeup, color, cuts, styles and branch into other options like massage and spa treatments if there is a demand.

83. House sitter and pet sitter

When people go on vacation there is always the worry about their home being unoccupied, and about pets having to be kenneled. As a house and pet sitter you would be paid to either stay in the house for the duration of the vacation or visit daily and spend time there.

If there were animals you would feed them, exercise them and care for them. This is not a business that needs investment to get started. Start out by doing it for people who know you, and ask them to recommend you to their friends. Start a website if you wish and create cards and flyers to advertise.

84. Converting old formats to new

As there is development in the formats things like music are listened to and movies watched people are left with old versions that are becoming obsolete.

Things like CDs and DVDs could be converted and moved onto computers and if you know how to do that people might pay so that their CD collection is not just collecting dust.

85. Electronic repairs

I am surrounded by electronics and appliances in my life as I am sure you are, as everyone is today. Sometimes they make life a lot easier and sometimes they frustrate you completely when they break down.

Some people have a knack for electronic repairs and are good at getting things working again. If that is you or even better if you have some training in repairs you could start a business of your own. Typical things people need fixing include;

  • Computers
  • Phones
  • Televisions
  • Music players
  • Appliances
  • Cameras
  • Monitors
  • Gaming devices

86. Car repairs

If you are good with cars or even better have experience and training in car repairs you could start your own business. You will need to invest in some necessary tools but people are always looking for a trustworthy mechanic.

If you do not have the space at home you could set up a mobile business with a van where you go to their home and do the work. It also means you could be called for road side assistance from customers too.

87. Repairing bicycles

Repairs are a big business so another area where you could start up a business is in bicycle repairs. Consider where you are as to whether this is something that could work.

For example in a rural area you may see less people cycling, whereas it is a popular option in urban areas to avoid issues with traffic.

You can offer repairs as well as storage even during winter when people cannot cycle and have no place to store their bikes.

88. Upholsterer

Moving into the home there is another startup business idea of becoming an upholsterer. You might have the skills already from doing your own, or you might decide to do a course to learn the trade.

There are also books and videos online you can watch. To practice, find furniture at second hand stores to work on and develop those skills. When you do good work for your customers, you get repeat custom and new customers from their recommendations. If people see how skillfully you can repair their furniture, they are going to save money on buying new.

89. Tailor

Some people when clothing needs repairs will just discard it and buy new. But more people are looking for services that can help them repair things so that they are not adding to the tons of garbage each year.

There are also times when things do not quite fit right and need to be taken in or let out, hemmed and so on. If you can sew you have an opportunity to earn money from your own tailoring service. You can choose to have them come to your home, or you can go to them.

90. Interior designer

Being able to look at a room or space and have ideas for decorating and designing it the way the owners want is a talent. If you have that and some qualifications in that field you could earn an income starting a business as an interior designer.

You will need to get to know your clients so that you are decorating to their taste and wants. Think about things like the purpose of the room, is it for an adult or child, are there pets.

91. Daycare

Running a daycare service is not something you are legally allowed to just start. There are legal requirements you must follow and there will be monitoring to make sure you are adhering to the rules.

But if you are prepared for that and enjoy having children around you could turn your home into a daycare. A big issue for parents is often finding affordable daycare for their children when they are at work. They need to trust the daycare owner and the children need to be happy too. You can accept;

  • Children before school and after school
  • Children not yet at pre-school
  • Babies

You will need to think about how they will be kept occupied, does the charge include meals, what will you do for vacations?

92. Dog groomer/dog walker

If you are a dog lover you could turn that into a business of either a dog walker or a dog groomer. The latter would need more training and equipment for the home. Things like a dog bath, clipper, scissors, brushes, combs and much more.

Dog walker is just that, the owners will pay you to take their dogs out once or twice a day. Sometimes owners are unable to do the walks, sometimes they are at work. It is possible you could combine being a walker with a sitter. Owners would feel better knowing their canine loved ones are being looked after by someone they already know and trust.

93. Massage therapist

If you are have trained to be a massage therapist or are ready to get that training you could work for yourself rather than someone else.

You can set it up in your home just make sure you get a proper massage bed and the right products and oils, and that you get the licensing needed.

94. Computer trainer

Technology and its use is something many people take for granted but in fact there are a lot of people that do not understand how to use things like a computer but want to.

While there are courses people can go complete sometimes people just want a friendly expert to come to their home and take them through certain things.

It would be a good idea to make sure you understand both PCs and Macs and know how to use certain popular software like excel or certain social media platforms.

95. Telemarketer or call center representative

It is possible to become a telemarketer or call center representative from home. You will just need a computer and a phone. Companies pay good salaries and you will not have to pay any commuting costs and make take to work lunches!

You will be calling people to try and sell them products as a telemarketer or making appointments or answering queries.

96. Advocate for patients

Patients often need someone to help them out in the community as when you are ill it is sometimes hard to stay on top of things, push for things and deal with paperwork and bureaucracy.

You could be paid to help them pay medical bills, deal with insurance companies, collecting paperwork and so on.

97. Wedding Planner

The wedding industry is a huge one. People getting married are often looking for that fairy tale perfect day. There is a lot to think about and plan for that though, especially if you are being more extravagant and having a larger wedding.

Many brides make the wise decision of passing on the stress of planning to a wedding planner, and pay good money for that. If you are very organized, able to work with other aspects of the industry like the caterer, the florist, the dress maker, the venue and so on, and can deal with stressed out grooms and brides this may be your chance.

Key to be a good wedding planner is having a good eye for details and being creative as well as focused.

98. VR (Virtual reality)

The world of virtual reality is booming and there is a lot of opportunity here for people able to put in some initial investment capital. People want to experience these headsets and 3D worlds for themselves but not everyone can go out and buy something like that for their homes.

That is why VR cafes and centers are really taking off. You can start off small and then build up to a larger off site physical business but this is really a growing industry worthy of consideration if you love this world yourself.

99.  Tour Guide

This may sound like an unusual idea but if you live somewhere tourists often visit you could use your local knowledge and become a tour guide.

Make sure you know your stuff though, visitors always have questions and will not be impressed if you actually do not know anything on the tour. You could develop packages geared towards what people want for example:

  • Walking tours
  • Night time tours
  • Pick up and drop off service
  • Packages that include a meal at a popular local restaurant
  • Packages that include an experience at the end of the tour like a picnic

100. Selling and installing smart equipment

Smart accessories, equipment and light is all the rage right now. Some homes can be completely controlled with a smart phone, from turning on security, lighting, music systems, garage doors, turning off the slow cooker!

Consumers are loving the chance to make their lives easier and there is therefore room for people to start a business selling and or just installing such systems.

Bringing my start up business ideas to a conclusion

As you can see there are plenty of startup business ideas to suit all kinds of people, their skills, passions and interests. Online provides a large range of work opportunities just by itself. Even if you do not want to get into sales, there are a lot of other reasons to start a website and you can easily find work there.

Before you dive into one of these ideas or come up with your own startup business idea decide on whether you want to make an initial investment of some kind. You might need to buy some equipment or product or it might be an investment in your own training and education.

There is a lot of great things about working for yourself but do not fool yourself about life being easier. Starting a business takes work, time and commitment.

You may one day be able to set your own hours and bring in a large income, but when you first start it will likely take more time than you thought and the money is not going to pour in straight away.

For that reason it is a good idea to have a backup income coming in until you get it right or have some savings.

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