50+ Tech Business Ideas for Startup Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of tech businesses out there today, it is a huge area covering a range of industries from phones, to computers, online to repairs. When people ask me about tech start up business ideas, they often have the big guns in mind, dreaming big, like Apple or Google for example. All of the big businesses started out with an idea they turned into something small that then grew.

If you are a budding tech entrepreneur this is the time to be earning an income from new and ever developing technology. IT skills can be turned into very lucrative ventures right now. You just need to find the spark that inspires you.

I have outlined for you below 50 ideas for starting up your own business, some are based on selling tech, some on using tech, some need you to have specific skills or understanding and some do not. Today most homes have at least one computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. So here is what I suggest are the possible money making ideas right now.

1. UX design or testing

UX means user experience. The idea is to take a product and improve its usability and the satisfaction and pleasure a user can get from it. You can work with developers and website owners testing what they offer and reporting back on whether it is a good user experience, and how they can improve it.

2. Making robotics

Not something you can just jump into of course, but if you do have a talent for designing or building things you might want to enter this world. You could just be manufacturing parts rather than the whole thing and still be making a profit.

3. 3D Printing

3D printing is certainly a huge advanced tech trend right now. Printing has gone from ink and laser to using metal, plastic and other materials to actually print something in 3D. There are several ways you can get a foot into the big profits of this area. You might be able to get into designing smaller parts of the printers and manufacture them. Now is the time to get into the business when there are few other competitors.

4. Influence marketing

At lot of businesses are using influencer marketing online as a way to advertise and sell. You could be a part of that, perhaps create a platform to bring brands and influencers together.

5. Analytics

Another option for a tech start up business idea is to create a platform online that website owners and companies can use to collect customer data, how they interact on the site, how the site performs and how it site functions.

6. AI entrepreneur

I would highly recommend another advanced tech area to invest in if you have the skills and knowledge and that is AI. AI is artificial intelligence and there are a lot of advances being made in this area but still a lot to be made and money that comes with it. You could choose a smaller part of it to get involved in too like a device with voice activation for example.

7. Create a chatbot

A chatbot is a computer program that can talk and communicate with people usually online. It is another example of AI and it is a popular tool for businesses today. It can talk or use messaging, mobile apps, phones or websites to communicate. They are also known as IM bots, smartbots, interactive agents, talkbot or chatterbots. There is a big market for them today.

8. Live chat platform

Website owners and companies are more and more adding some form of a live chat platform on their sites so they can communicate in real time with them. Basically it is used to sell and get customer feedback to learn how to sell better! If you have the know how you could create a platform or plugin to sell to companies.

9. Completing online research

Online researching is a skill and if it is something you are comfortable doing you could take on clients and create a business out of it. A lot of companies hire people to take on research, data entry and such. You could also expand further into things like desktop publishing where you create things like;

  • Adverts
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Logos
  • Letterheads
  • Forms
  • Newsletters
  • Proposals

When the work expands to more than you can do yourself you could hire on more workers.

10. Offer training in computers

Some people, especially those who are younger, take the technological world for granted but there are plenty of people who do not keep up with changing technology. They need additional support in using things like computers and will pay for someone to help them. This could be about teaching them the basics of using a computer and the internet or you could also include training in certain popular software.

11. Setup computers

Another of my tech start up business ideas is setting up computers for people when they have bought them. Sometimes people know how but do not want the hassle, and sometimes people do not know how to get it from its packaging to its useable state. They will pay you to do that for them. If you also offer training in computer use, you could also charge for an introductory lesson once you have set it up for them.

12. Remote consultant in IT

Should it be a problem to go visit people in their homes or place of work to help with IT issues or answer questions, you could do it remotely. Start a business from the comfort of your own home and have them grant you remote access. You must be genuine in your intent and work though and have qualifications and good reviews as handing over remote access to just anyone would not be a wise move for most people.

13. General tech consultant

Some great tech start up business ideas come from a general knowledge about tech and IT. If you have good knowledge yourself you could offer your services as a tech consultant. Businesses and people will pay you for advice about certain tech purchases and software.

14. Platform for a sharing economy

A sharing economy platform app or website could allow people to come together and share services and products with others.

15. Renting gadgets

This idea does involve you investing in some gadgets first. Often people want to rent things to try them out before buying, or they just need to use something for one project or occasion. This means a lot of people would really like somewhere they can rent the gadget they need so they do not have to pay full price and buy it. Be sure to do some market research so you know what it is people want to rent. Examples could include;

  • A projector for a presentation
  • A drone for aerial photos
  • VR set
  • Cameras
  • Fitbits
  • Phones
  • Gaming systems

16. Streaming service for videos

Video content gets billions of views online from educational videos to reviews, beauty videos to cooking. There are a lot of people unloading them and you could earn a revenue if you create a streaming service for people.

17. Streaming service for music

Also popular is streaming music online too. If you are not into videos you could always create a platform for streaming music instead. To get a head of the competition try to aim for genres of music that perhaps there are not a lot of streaming apps or sites for already.

18. A platform for podcasting

Podcasting is growing in popularity as a means for people to connect with others, sharing information, ideas and knowledge with their listeners. Start a platform for them where they can easily upload their podcasts.

19. A platform got posting video content

Another popular vehicle to connect with viewers this time are video posts. You can create an app or website platform for a particular theme of video topics. Videos are a good way to promote, generate interest and build business.

20. Service for live streaming

Live streaming is a very popular online occurrence and is somewhere you could make an income.  It is when a video with audio of the person is streamed at the time of the event. So for example a lot of live streaming happens around gaming. Start a service from which people can connect with the people that follow them.

21. Influencer on live streams

With live streams being so popular, this gives a great opportunity to online influencers. Essentially you can influence the followers towards whatever company or brand is paying you. Think of platforms like Facebook live, Twitch and Periscope. Big companies that have had success with it include Nestle, Nissan and NBC.

22. Video channel on tech

Instead of creating a place where videos can be uploaded or streamed you could create your own channel on all things tech and earn an income from doing it. Videos are a great way to reach people, there is more connection between watcher and video creator than something in just words. If you are able to create something personable as well as informative you can reach a very large audience.

23. Podcast on tech

If videos are not your preferred method to reach out to people how about a podcast? You can talk about the latest inventions and innovations, new gadgets and anything else you are interested and passionate about.

24. Blog on tech

Another modern vehicle to reach people is blogging. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss the world of technology in written form. You can make money in a variety of ways from blogging. You can get paid by companies to talk about their products in a positive manner, you can advertise on the site and at the same time you can educate and connect with people who also enjoy the same interests.

25. Mobile App for shopping

There are a huge number of people with smart phones using a wide array of apps. Those apps are paid for, and the popular and successful ones are earning their creators a very good income indeed. Since a lot of those people also love to shop how about creating some kind of mobile shopping app.

26. Platform for ecommerce

There are so many people making an income from selling online. There are a number of popular platforms people use to create shop fronts. Sometimes people do not have the money to create a physical storefront, and with the internet they do not have to anymore. But if you get it right perhaps you could create your own platform for ecommerce that people pay to use that is even better.

27. Selling digital products

Digital products means things you access or download online, rather than an actual physical item. So you could sell prints, online memberships, digital gift cards, online videos and so on.

28. Writing eBooks

Number 28 of my tech start up business ideas is to become an ebook author. Where once books were written, then printed and sold by large publishers the advance in tech and the online world now means people can write ebooks and then sell them online on platforms like Amazon. You could write on a huge range of topics such as;

  • How to books
  • Installation books
  • Step by step guides
  • Focus on specific tech area like drones
  • Focus on specific tech giants
  • Top gadgets or best of books

29. Start a book store online

For those who love books you could also start an online book store. You could sell your own books as well as selling others, or just sell other authors. You will of course have to get a license to sell another people’s work. Larger places like Amazon are making a lot of money from people deciding to sell their work online when the publishing route has not worked, or just instead of it. You can sell just tech themed books or other topics too. You can start out with just ebooks and then branch into audio and even maybe one day offer hard copies too.

30. Start an e-library

If not a book store site you could set up an online library! People could come to your site to rent different materials from ebooks to PDFs, audios, videos and such. You could have people from all around the world borrowing from your site. People can do the research they need or want to do from home rather than having to go to physical libraries as long as they have a computer, smartphone, tablet or such.

31. Schooling online

If you are a teacher or tutor, or just have a good amount of knowledge in the tech sector and a good way with others, perhaps you could start a school online! You would need to decide what topics would be on the curriculum and you would also need to come up with course material and lesson plans. The world is moving quickly as new developments happen all the time and some people struggle to keep up. Rather than tutoring or teaching online, you could start an actual school so you can get paid by a number of students learning from you.

32. Run an internet cafe

Internet cafes are extremely popular today. In fact more than just a place for free wifi and a coffee some people, freelancers and such, actually use them as their places of work and where they have meetings. You could start your own place, starting small and then making something bigger when you have more success. You just need to be very careful and sure about where you place it to get the best number of customers.

33. Servicing IT equipment

With the increase in IT equipment businesses are using there is now also an increase in demand for people who can service that equipment and perform repairs. This could make you a very decent income but it helps to have the right experience and credentials if you want to be hired by larger businesses. You could fix things like;

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Modems
  • ATM machines
  • Card readers
  • Phones

It would be a surprise to find a place of business that does not have some kind of technology that will need maintenance and repairs along the way. Sometimes it may be small issues, sometimes it might be software related and sometimes it might be hardware.

34. Selling IT equipment

There is always room for another IT sales person, if you are good at selling things, this could be a way to earn a profit from tech. You can choose whatever area you want to invest in, but one good one would be internet devices such as modems or reutters or Mi-Fi are especially in demand in North America and plenty of the rest of the world.

35. Offer services in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a very popular area of tech and is information storage on the web. It is certainly a tech start up business idea worth thinking about. Traditionally information is stored in physical servers or on desktops whereas cloud computing means the data is stored across usually several secure web based servers. The advantages of such are becoming more obvious and so more are wanting to use it. There is profit to be made from offering businesses and site owners cloud computing services.

36. Start a shop for all tech

If you are a dabbler, you have some knowledge and interest in a whole range of tech, you might want to set up a retail business for all things tech. It could be selling, refurbishing or repairs, or a collection of all three. You could create a place that is a one stop shop for people looking to buy, get repaired, talk about and accessorize. Get a good group of loyal customers and you can make a nice income.

37. Selling and developing mobile apps

Mobile apps are in high demand as more and more people become owners of phones that use a wide range of apps. You could develop the apps and sell them yourself. You need to come up with unique ideas, think of what people need or what makes life easier for them.

38. Software developer

In this modern technological world software developers are in high demand. They create programs for computers or devices and can make a very good income. You will need training and may have to start small to build up a portfolio before you get to larger names hiring you.

39. Web designer

For people who have design talent and experience and education in web design you could easily set up your own business offering your service. With more and more businesses realizing the importance of having an online presence the demand for web designing is very high. Businesses will pay good money to have a website that is user friendly and attracts customers.

40. Create a site for online dating

Online is not just a place people buy or advertise, it is also a place where people meet and fall in love. There are a lot of online dating platforms, apps and sites but the right site could bring in a lot of clients whether they are wanting their soul mate or just people to connect with.

41. Blog Consultant

With blogging being such a big business today there is opportunity there to earn money from being a blog consultant. Some people blog just to connect with others as hare ideas, but some also make money from it. In those cases bloggers will want to have the best blogs possible to get the most readers possible. A blog consultant is paid to look at blogs and tell people how to make improvements and what can be done to improve their revenue from them.

42. Start an Info Tech Radio or TV show

I covered the ideas for sharing your information via online methods, but let’s not forget the other modern means for communication, TV and Radio. You could start a show on one of them that offers tech advice, reviews and support. There are a few others out there, but perhaps there is something you think should be covered that is not being covered. Or perhaps you have an idea for a theme that is different from the others. You can get listeners and viewers which would mean then you could get sponsorships and ad revenue.

43. SEO consultant

SEO is essential to publishers and businesses online. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically there are ways to make sure your site, or page or post is the one that comes up in the first page of an internet search. For example if you have a site with articles and sales on smartphones, you want your page to come up when people use a search engine like Google to look up something like What is the best Smartphone. This is not something that everyone is an expert in so often they will hire an SEO consultant or specialist to optimize their pages for them.

44. Social media consultant

Other consulting area include the various types of social media there are. Businesses are realizing these networks are an opportunity to be taken advantage of but are always sure how to do it. A social media consultant would have expertise on helping them use different platforms, creating content and developing strategies. Typical platforms include;

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Qzone
  • Flickr

45. Create a new social networking site

There are some huge names in the world of social networking but they were not always so big and successful. Most start out small and then grow from there. If you have the skill you could opt to develop a new social networking platform. With some hard work and commitment you could soon start earning a small income that will grow as you attract more users.

46. Manufacturer of computer parts

Making computer parts is an area some people can step into but is a tech start up business idea that requires some training. It might be computer parts or it might be parts of their accessories like bouse parts, speaker parts and so on.

47. Selling refurbished phones

With most people having a mobile phone today there is a huge market for refurbished phones. You could get used phones and refurbish them and sell them. Not everyone can pay top price for the latest smartphone or blackberry. Offering refurbished phones at a lower price means people can still get a phone it just might not be brand new!

48. Making smartphone accessories

Smartphones offer a large number of options when it comes to starting your own tech business. One of those is making one or more of the accessories that are used with them. Things like charging cords, cases, speakers, lenses, earphones and so on.

49. Repairing smartphones

Or you could start a business offering repairs for smartphones if you have the necessary knowledge and skills. It is a fact that phones can sometimes take a bit of a beating, screens crack and so on. People would much rather pay your more affordable prices than have to take it into a shop or even worse have to buy a replacement.

50. Car tracker repairs and installations

My last offering for tech start up business ideas is to get into installing and repairing car trackers. Cars having a tracking system is growing, and somebody needs to be paid for repairing them and installing them! Fleet operators especially use them to track and manage all their vehicles.

Wrapping Up

For those with tech knowledge, skills and training there are plenty of opportunities for starting up your own business. Whether you prefer to work online, repair things, make things, sell things or talk about them, I have found something here for everyone. The world is advancing and people worry about the loss of jobs it is causing. While in some cases that may be the case, it also creates opportunities for skilled tech loving people.

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