What Is Ghostery?

When I was looking into software that could help to stop tracking when I was browsing the internet, I came across Ghostery. The developers of the extension offer the software as a clean, fast and safe way to search for and block third-party data tracking technologies. This sounded exactly what I wanted so I checked …

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What is AdBlock?

Adblock is an extension for web browsers that stops ads dead in their tracks. The developers say that most ads are not downloaded at all. As I take my privacy very seriously online, I was interested in seeing what the software offered. Installing the Software Installing the software is simple. It is available for the …

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What is Adblock Plus?

If like me, you hate ads popping up all over the place when you are browsing the internet you might wish to check out Adblock Plus. The developers of the software claim it is among the most popular extensions and it will remove intrusive ads. This sounded promising to me. I resolved to check it …

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How to Use cPanel as a Beginner?

cPanel is a web-based hosting control panel that provides tools to manage a hosting account with ease. Its intuitive interface and automation software simplify the process of hosting a website. For beginners, cPanel is an excellent choice due to its user-friendly dashboard and straightforward functions. How do You Access the cPanel Dashboard? Accessing the cPanel …

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What is Privacy Badger?

I found a great tool to use in web browsers to stop prying eyes from tracking you whilst browsing the internet. Its name is Privacy Badger from Electronic Frontier Foundation. This is a small add-on, an extension, added on to Chrome web browser on Windows platform, Opera on Windows or Firefox. I am going to …

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What is HTTPS Everywhere?

Before we talk about HTTPS Everywhere, we must make sure you know what an SSL certificate is. This is an essential part in the security of any website. Security in the online worlds is of utmost importance. Data is exchanged on a daily basis between websites and users. On many occasions, a lot of data …

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