Using Siri Shortcuts to Make Siri More Useful

If you are a user of an Apple product then you have heard about this amazing new update that will present a game-changing application called Shortcut. This changes the game for the applications used on the platform. Apple’s newest feature is called Shortcuts. Shortcuts provide quick actions for apps on the iOS system. The actions can be automatically performed in the background or can explore the app to pull up something that you may want.

Specific trigger phrases are said to activate the action. This allows for better customization for Siri. The exciting thing is that Apple allows for Shortcuts to integrate with third-parties. There are several major applications that have synced up with Shortcuts. For instance, the popular to-do list “Things” will memorize your routine if you check your list every day on the same day. The application will automatically create a shortcut icon onto your lock screen that designated time. Just tap to pull up the app.

What is Siri Shortcuts?

After allowing the iOS 12 to update on your device, you will access Shortcuts by completing the same actions that you do with accessing your other apps. The only difference with the process is that Shortcuts will remember the actions so that it provides a more convenient and faster way to start up the tasks.

Shortcuts using code to activate the task you’re interested in achieving in the background and not have to have the app opened in the foreground. Shortcuts are enabled by tapping an icon button that was created in different places on iOS or by voice-activation when you use Siri.

Shortcuts allow you to quickly access previous messages, files, recent places that have been visited on your devices such as folders or music, the pre-filled context from online forms, or any other actions that you regularly perform plus more with its capabilities.

Shortcuts in iOS 12 have three designated places that you can find it: from the As suggestions section that pairs the shortcuts to the actions from the applications you use based on how often you access them. By accessing Siri; the vocal command to activate Siri will “speak” to the apps frequently used and create shortcuts. Lastly is the custom-built shortcuts that come with the Shortcuts application.

The first time you interact with Shortcuts will be via your lock screen, Spotlight, or via Siri face on an Apple Watch. Once activated, suggested shortcuts will be often to you based on the recent and frequent activity that you perform on iOS. There are no security issues with this app; all information is stored and only accessible by you and the system. It’s an automated process.

When Shortcuts is enabled, the voice activation tool can be used in order to set up your customized trigger phrases that Siri can recognize for faster processing. Development is in the works to have this accessible on Apple Watch, CarPlay, and HomePod.

Recommended Useful Shortcuts

Of course, customizing Shortcuts to serve you is what you’re going for, but sometimes there are shortcuts that can be beneficial that we don’t think of because it isn’t in the front on my minds. To get the most out of the Shortcut suggestions, the user will need to use their apps within iOS 12, this is a one-time thing. Once added, the Shortcut system will begin creating appropriate actions from the activities that were performed within the Shortcut app to make life easier.

Shortcuts is based on actions that you perform within the app. Therefore, it may ask you to go back into the most recent app and perform a task that you’d normally do so that it can remember.

Shortcuts work in the background once an action is performed in apps that Shortcuts can execute. From there, the system will suggest Shortcuts. Your device will begin to show one-tap buttons to execute from the memorized actions that you did either on the lock Screen or when a swipe down motion is completed when on the Home Screen to find something from the Spotlight toolbar.

These shortcuts can be simplified, which is incredible. A way to make Siri Shortcuts more useful be enforcing simplicity. For example, you can have Shortcuts show a ‘contact this person’ from your most recent text hub when you perform a swipe down motion.

Siri begins to evolve when this specific part of shortcuts is activated. Siri can recognize the activities that you did and will display them as shortcuts, therefore, opening the actual application is not needed. It’s no longer necessary. The app becomes easier to work with, more powerful, and useful to the point where adding voice commands is second nature.

Shortcuts and Custom Voice Commands

After enough actions have been delegated the system create shortcuts. To enable this feature, go to Settings > and select Siri > Search and select add custom voice commands. This can be done for any Shortcuts that you wish Siri to remember and perform the action at a later time.

Once you view the action that you are interested in creating a shortcut for, simply press on it or add button next to the action pop up and you’ll be taken to another section to say your command. Siri will save your spoken command and add it to the Shortcuts list. After that is done, just respond with your command to Siri and the application will open.

This feature is powerful because it allows your voice to once again control Siri, but this time for cutting down the seconds it takes to open an app and perform the same actions that you normally do daily. You don’t have to wait for Siri to guess what to do from your actions, you can create your own sayings to have those actions executed. This gives you the ability to have your phone do exactly what you want it to do.

The security measures that are taken for the application to your device are solely for you and your device only. The OS app can identify your activity and will share it with only the system, and there are very clean and strict guidelines that the iOS performs to deliver the proper action back to the user and only the user when the shortcut is created. Siri only goes deep enough to make the shortcut connect to the action performed within in the app in order to execute it.

How can shortcuts be used now for useful purposes?

Shortcuts are extremely impressive because they are already available on Apple device. There are no extra hoops to go through in order to use this feature. As mentioned before, this newly installed feature can work with iPad, HomePod, and CarPlay. This makes setting up voice commands run across all boards sync with ease.

What was not listed was the Apple Watch. That is because it will have its own version of Shortcuts with its own support. Shortcuts can still be enabled the same as the other devices meaning by voice or performed from the watch face via Siri. The Apple Watch also has to capability to have the tasks conclude in the background and have them memorized.

This is useful because of the simple nature of the design. Having actions performed without having to do them manually and they are available on the Apple Watch. This helps the Apple watch because of the accessibility it will provide to its owners. So, you can control your watch with your phone or now take full control with just your watch. How’s that for useful?

Shortcuts the App

On to the more facts about the app that is designed to make dealing you’re your devices easier. The main features that were initially created within Shortcuts are already stored and ready for use in the developer betas sector, which means those with an Apple device are able to customize Siri immediately.

While there is no limit to Shortcuts, and the fact that developers worked hard to make sure to deliver on the customization aspect of this app, is nothing short of remarkable. The app allows a multidimensional step process that we can’t see but it accurately performs with ease.

Many remember Workflow that was acquired by Apple last year, Shortcut mimics the complete and execute actions of Workflow’s blueprint closely enough to have similarities but distinctive enough to prove just how well it can stand out and be a powerhouse by itself. The main difference between Workflow and Shortcuts is the feature of Shortcuts running in the background. This capability runs effortlessly in the background and you will never see the actual process.

Apple suggested that users should set up a shortcut for when you arrive home, the app will automatically turn on your house lights, play music if you that’s your routine, or send off a dinner message, all from saying your customized voice command.

For some, there is still a waiting period to use this spectacular. That is the only downside, but there is some much to look forward to with the Shortcut app. Developers are still giving a limited testing pool accessibility to work out any mishaps or bugs that may present itself immediately after release.

Shortcuts for every Apple Device

It was briefly touched on about Shortcuts working on every Apple device that runs the iOS 12. When it came to integrating the app Shortcuts giving the users that have ownership of Apple products that support the app were kept in mind.

Studying the mundane actions that are performed over and over on the devices drove developers to create a useful, state-of-the-art concept. Everyone already uses Siri for simple tasks such as asking questions or getting facts for a debate, but now anything is possible. Giving the possibility to use a voice assistant to control majority everything within a range of your device. This is how Siri Shortcuts will make Siri useful.

Adrian Rubin developed a passion for creative writing, photography, and traveling. While he enjoys volunteering at an animal shelter near his residence in Philadelphia, his interest also lies within the technological world we live in.

Author: Adrian Rubin developed a passion for creative writing, photography, and traveling. While he enjoys volunteering at an animal shelter near his residence in Philadelphia, his interest also lies within the technological world we live in.

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