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Binpress brings together companies and developers to build an ecosystem around Open-Source code.

  • A curated inventory of quality code solutions

    "You are wasting an outlandish amount of money writing code that already exists" - Joel Spolsky

    Manually curated, professionally supported code solutions for major requirements in software projects.

    • Tested, mature open-source solutions used by many businesses, supported by the original developers.
    • All components on Binpress are manually inspected for coding standards and best practices.
    • Licensing options that fit your business needs.
    • A brand you can trust - over 4,000 businesses are using Binpress on a daily basis.
  • Build a business working on Open-Source

    Publish your code as free or commercial Open-Source, and build a profitable business from working on your own projects.

    • Work on and own your code. You decide what to build.
    • We bring a relevant audience with our distribution network, marketing, advertising, sales and affiliates.
    • We help with licensing and pricing and provide a custom license generator for commercial licenses.
    • We take care of billing, taxes and fees and handle payouts with various payment methods.
    • We provide multiple communication channels, including comments, reviews and issue tracking.

The Team

  • Adam Benayoun

    Adam Benayoun


    Previously an animator and a restaurant manager, Adam has been building web ventures for 9 years as a project & product manager, designer and occasional sysops.

  • Eran Galperin

    Eran Galperin


    A trained physicist, Eran is a veteran software engineer and Adam's technical counterpart. He is also an expert on user experience and copywriting.

  • Tomas Jerabek

    Tomas Jerabek

    UI/UX Designer

    A web developer & UI/UX designer from the Czech Republic. Tomas is passionate for nice design and can be found dribbling here.

  • Mimi Zheng

    Mimi Zheng

    Marketing Associate

    Mimi is a marketing major from MSU Denver. She previously did community management and marketing at Scriptrock, a service for maintaining system configuration tests.

  • Alexis Santos

    Alexis Santos

    Content Marketer

    Alexis has written about everything from gadgets to space shuttles for Engadget. He's a New College of Florida alum, Pythonista, Djangonaut and podcaster.

  • Noam Zohar

    Noam Zohar

    Marketing Intern

    Noam is a recent graduate from UC Riverside. She has two years of experience in online content production.


  • Warren Adelman, Jeff Hammerbacher, Elaine Wherry, Patrick Mckenzie, Prashant Malik, ChinaRock Capital, Steven Trieu, Eric Kwan, Luke Shepard, Jun Li, Armando Pauker

Binpress is located in Mountain View, CA

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